SALES!!! (The Store, Mentakab)

I went for a window shopping in Mentakab this evening after work then realized that, The Store, Mentakab, is having  Sales! Their clothes and pants are all on 50% off and 70% off. GA jeans cost RM50+, I felt that I must buy something but I came back empty handed. I will try to make my next trip for a good purchase and drag my boyfriend along to get some good branded clothes at a good buy. This old shopping mall , is rather dull without customers. While I was there, there are just a few people shopping there. Hence the price would have dropped down  after a few years of fighting with other shopping malls in the same town. TF and Starmall is one of them.

I reflected on my life as a kid, The Store was still new; many people shopped for their groceries, toiletries, toys and clothes there, this happens often during the New Year Season or the Raya season. Those were the days! Well, I don’t think they will allow me to take any pictures in there, you will need to check it out for yourself.  It is situated at the 2nd floor. Comment below if you feel that you get some good buys from there.


The Store Mentakab address:

28 Jalan Mok Hee Kiang,

Mentakab, 28400



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