Postcard fans out there..

Postcrossing, the reason I decided to embark on a journey of postcards is to know more people across the globe. Long time back, when I’m in secondary school, I use to received a lot of postcards from pen pal and also friends. Postcrossing was one of the website that cater to that, and I’m thankful that today I could  sign up for another account, because I have forgotten my password. I re-applied because my bf is one avid collector. So we are both sharing one account now. We have been using it for 2 months and not regretting it. =)


if you want to check our profile out


this is postcards that could be uploaded on the website if you have received it.

How it works:-

  1. Create an account for yourself
  2. Click on Send a postcard.
  3. Then write down the code on the postcard, read what the receiver likes in a postcard.
  4. Address will be send to your email and what receiver love.
  5. When you receive any postcard, you will need to register the number into the website. (sounds tedious but fun!). There you can also comment about the postcard or click favorite if you love the postcard.

Here is 2 of our favourites, there are many more favourites, but we are currently collecting postalove.

20160728_13474020160804_140047 besides just postcard receiving, we also received 1 handmade card from a postcrosser. Most of them put beautiful stamps on their postcards, if you want to cheer a person’s day, you can actually keep some nice stamps, to post it with a postcard the next time you send to anybody.  ~myheartots~


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