Wind Chinese Tea Shop (萤枫亭)

There is a tea shop (since April 2016) situated in Kompleks Selangor. If you are travelling to Malaysia for the 1st time and would love to taste a sip of Chinese tea. You can drop by for some tea tasting or purchase some Chinese Tea and Teapots as souvenirs. Stella will be there to assist you with the variety of teas they have in the shop. If you are there just for tea tasting, they will charge you a minimal fee, but I believe that you may want to purchase a pack of good tea before heading home!


A picture of Wind Chinese Tea Shop, looks cosy right?


Some variety of teas.


Tea tasting….


quaint place with a tiny teapot.


Pretty cups.


some more tea anyone?


this is her contact card,


you can also reach them on Facebook Wind萤枫亭



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