I Customized A t-Shirt for the nephew! from Printcious

Personalized gifts, I love to get my creative juices flowing and do something different. My nephew (cousin’s son) is turning 2 soon! so I decided to get him a personalized t-shirt. This is the website named Printcious that I made this cute t-shirt from. No I didn’t want to put his picture in it, as I prefer a different kind of personalizing. =) So here is what I did in the website. =)

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dry fit kid

1) I clicked on T-shirt & then clicked on “dryfit kid”.

dry fit kid2

2) I chose “Cute Dog Love” & clicked on it.

dry fit kid 3

3) Then I chose the size and clicked on “customise it”.

cassey yiyi2

4) I click a few times on “add text” to have a center look for my sentences, typed in what I want to write on the t-shirt; then clicked on “done”.

size chart

5) Chose the size on the size chart. (For Ivan, I chose S size). Then I clicked on ” Add to cart”

add to cart , proceed to checkout

6) Then I click on proceed to check out.

Personalised Kid T-shirt, all ready to be sent through the mail. I can’t wait for Ivan’s t-shirt to reached me, in time for his birthday! Oops I know I am already late, but belated is better than never.

Those who are interested in customizing their items, you can directly go to the website http://www.printcious.my/ . Try to think about someone that you would love to show love to, maybe you can made one gift for them to make their day special and that they will feel loved by your kind gesture.

Printcious.com – Precious Gifts From Your Heart; This works for me as I know that I want to give something precious to my friends or family members. I can’t wait to purchase and customize more gifts from this website.

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Do drop me some comments, if you feel that this post is very helpful to you. And that you can understand better about what product there are on Printcious. So so….Fun!!!!!




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