Tired Me = Thai Massage!!

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Last Saturday’s, throwback! I went for a good full body massage. It has been awhile since I pampered myself. I’m thankful I had made some time for this. I called in to book a place on Thursday, and there were slots available for Saturday evening at 6pm.

I was late for the appointment had delayed for 10 mins due to work; but I’m thankful that they still allowed me to have a good 1 hour massage (RM60 but 5% off so RM57).

I managed to get hold of this VIP card, used it twice already. 5% off for the 1st 2 times, using the card. I can’t wait to get my feet soaked after another massage on my 3rd time! This VIP card is limited, if you really want a good buy, do remember to call in or go to Casa Refleksologi to make a booking. If you need a couple room, they also have one for you, just remember to secure your place earlier, incase someone takes it =)

This is the business card that I get from there for your reference:


Another thing; if you are afraid of having painful massages or prefer a full strength massage you need to let them know. For relaxing soft massages, you should go for oil massage. If  you want a proper Thai massage,  it will be a stronger masssage than the oil. I took oil massage, because I can’t stand pain. Hope this review helps.Let me know if you manage to go for any massages.

This is the price list:


this is what they also have =)


Price list


Price Lists for Feet Massages



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