Life Buuk- another kind of photo book!

Life Buuk another 4R print avenue! I grew up in a photo business family, I know this is a very good product, so I decided that I should blog about it. No, I’m not selling it, but I can teach you how to use the app if you are interested. I have purchased 1 book for myself. It cost me just RM28 per book with 50 pieces in 1 album. I did crop some of my pictures after uploading them from my Facebook and also Instagram.

To print it from your computer or laptop, they have an alternative way, you can actually email them  or if you have a bulk order for any other events. =)

After uploading is completed, wait for a few days then they will email you a tracking number. For more information about the product, download the app and there you can learn step by step how to use the app. It is highly user friendly.


8 reasons why I love Life Buuk:

  1. Select my favourite pictures directly from Facebook, Instagram & phone!
  2. Do not need to copy out from my phone but directly upload to the app. (especially for those using iphone), you know how difficult is it!
  3. Always on the go!
  4. Save time & travelling time.
  5. Can crop the picture using edit tool on the LifeBuuk App
  6.  Prints are Compact; so it is easy to carry
  7. Prints can be teared into 4R size.
  8. Pictures are in luster print.



After 3 days they emailed me:

4 days



I got my Life buuk today!!! It was wrapped very nicely.


I’m going to mail this picture to a friend

tear our 2

1) I shall fold it.

tear out 1

2) Tear it from the Life Buuk.

tear out

3) Tada!! Now I have it in a 4R size =), ready to be placed into an envelope for a friend of mine.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


LifeBuuk Facebook page: Life Buuk

do drop me a comment when you get yours as well!!




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