The T-shirt & Cup Coaster has arrived!!!


1) A Dryfit Kid T-shirt for the nephew!! (p/s the hanger is not included)

I made an order from Printcious  on the 17th of August 2016, and it arrived today. I waited only for 4 days and it arrived, I really thought it may be later due to the need to print and do every procedures. I was so surprised and excited that I quickly opened  the package! I want to see how will my customize/ personalize t-shirt and cup coaster looked like. I really hope my nephew and good jimui (a very close friend/ sister) will love their gift very much. I’m thankful that Printcious has this affordable printing service.

Those who did not know that I ordered this Dry Fit Kid T-shirt, you can click on my other link to know more about Printcious.

  1. The Dry Fit T-shirt quality; if you love t-shirt with good air ventilation for your children’s body, this t-shirt has little holes in them. It is something like of a jersey material, and it is also soft and light. I’m very excited to let Ivan try on when he comes to my house for a visit on August 31st. National Day holiday, so excited!!
  2. The cup coaster  quality; I created & purchased it in the same shopping cart, so that I can save on postage by purchasing 2 items at one go. Quality wise when I feel it on my hands, it is like rubber and the thickness is just nice to be placed between a table and a warm cup.

It was a good bargain, as I just needed to spend Rm40.80 for Dry Fit Kid T-shirt together with Cup coaster! With postage, it was just RM48.80 with AUGSALE! If you want the 20% off you should head into Printcious to make order before August ends in 21st Aug 2016 hurry!!!

A picture with my 2 items.I will want to purchase more next round!~

If you find this review helpful, please do not hesitate to comment on my post alright? I love to customize things and I really hope I could assist you in this area.




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