This time 3 days!

Wheee…. another round of orders.


very nicely packed


so excited to open it…

Finally, received the magic mug together with a coaster. As you can see, I purchased it from Printcious . This is my 2nd time and  I chose from one of designers Yuz’ki.  Being a fan of cats, art and cute cartoons. I supported Yuz’ki by purchasing from her through Printcious. There are many other different designers on Printcious that you can check from the website. If you are a fan of black & white you can opt for Marty Woods or if you like Owls you can opt for Owlvin .

These are all Yuz’ki‘s items, I’m very tempted to get the Coffee Cats. Reminds me of my cats at home…

Here are the 2 items I purchased from Printcious  3 days ago and I received them today.

I really love her design, I’m thankful that Printcious has such a good artwork for their customers to pick from. Oh ya I purchased these for 2 friends, to show them I appreciate their friendship. I know that they will love their gift, as it is very cute!! To get the magic cup for yourself, you can get it from this link  & if you love the cup coaster, you can get from this link. (Cat lovers, you will love her creations!)


can you see the magic? It is so cool!!! I specially love this cute angelic cartoon on the mug… Yuz’ki still have many designs on Printcious.

Let me show you the back of the cup coaster. I love the texture. I’m giving this to my soul sister another blogger here is her link  do check out her blog, she has a lot post on health and staying fit!~


For other gifts for friends you can go to gifts (one of a link from Printcious) for you to have a better view of what you can give to your friends or family. Items have been divided into different categories so that it is convenient for us to pick from. Let me know if you ordered one for someone special, spread the joy of giving. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart.




2 thoughts on “This time 3 days!

  1. I cannot wait to receive the coaster, Cassey! It looks sooo cute and it’s amazing how you got it in 3 days next time.

    I appreciate your friendship too and very happy to find out that we both LOVE cats. 🙂

    Thank you, soul sister!

    Much love,

    LaKatwoman 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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