Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf, Feminine Wash

Sumber Ayu is part of the big umbrella of  Wipro Unza. I’m not sure anyone of you knows the man’s powder named Dashing, well my dad uses it and in my mind I still can recall memories of it. Wipro Unza carries brands named Dashing, Enchanteur (for women) , Safi ( for women), Eversoft (facecare), Carrie (baby skincare) and many other very famous brands.

Something good about this product is that they uses the Daun Sirih (Malay) or also known as Betel Leaf in English. Betel leaf is a herbal ingredient that is highly popular in Malaysia, Indonesia (people also chew the leaf for other health reasons last time) & Asia. According to this link, Betel leaf is good to overcome itch, coping with acne, overcoming burns & prevent body odor. So this product has a good herbal ingredient because it is commonly use traditionally. I decided to try this product because all the time I have been using normal body foam for the most intimate part of my body. It is very important for me to start taking care of it properly.


sumber ayu feminien wash 2016

These are the 6 different scents for you to choose from  :-

  1. Orchid
  2. Rose
  3. Floral
  4. Musk
  5. Gambir
  6. Fruity



My personal favourite is Gambir or Fruity, as it as a sweet smell and I prefer the soft smell. If I’m going to continue using normal soap, it may be too strong for my skin in my private part area. Because of that, I may have disposed it to more harm than help. Sumber Ayu has an ideal PH3.5 to keep feminine area in it’s normal PH.

This product is;

  1. Watery and not too thick texture, so it is very kind to our female intimate area.
  2. Just need to pour out a little bit to wash.
  3. Reasonable price Rm3.60 per bottle for 90ml and Rm5.80 per bottle for 200ml.

You can get in most of Malaysia’s hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies. For those who are muslims, do not be afraid to use this as this brand is certified by JAKIM as Halal.



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16 thoughts on “Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf, Feminine Wash

  1. You are so right with this post–we need to take care of the most intimate part of our body.
    Lately, I am on a conscious journey of doing better for myself. I use regular foam soap as well but have been wanting to use something that is specific for my private parts haha. I am going to check the Asian market here to see if they have this product. All the scents sound refreshing!

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    • aww, thanks sis for your kind comments. I’m still learning as I’m very health conscious. I just do my best to keep clean =) I hope you can find it. If not do comment here ya.


    • thank you, ya it is good that we take our time to learn about these things. hehehe the Last time I used feminine wash, was when I’m in school and I had a very bad itch on my skin. For this betel leaf, I used, it is currently effective to my skin that it doesn’t have any pimple in my private area =)


  2. Way to go Asia for coming up with this and way to go you for sharing with us! I just got back from being in Asia for 5 months, too bad…I could have picked some of this up there! Sometimes it’s a bit…uh, scary, to use regular soap down there lol this seems like a perfect alternative!

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