How To Get Married In Malaysia Under 900 Ringgit

so love this that I want to keep it =) Good for thrifty person like me.

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Our intimate, stress-free and symbolic civil union in Malaysia under 900.00 Malaysian Ringgit or 10,014.00 Philippine Pesos.

For some couples, planning and execution of a wedding is a bundle of joy. While for others, it may be a bundle of STRESS! They say, the bigger the wedding, the bigger the chances of ending either stressed, disappointed or broke.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending tons of hard-earned money on your big day specially if:

  1. You and your partner have the excess cash to burn; or
  2. Your parents amassed a fortune and are willing to help or subsidize the entire cost; or
  3. You’re able to find sponsors to shoulder some (or all) expenses; or
  4. You can get your money back (perhaps earn a little extra) through monetary and non-monetary gifts.

However, most of us who belong in the lower middle class of society still try so hard to live up to…

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