Gadgets every time?

Do you have time with your children or are you always on your phone or devices? There are a few occasion that I see the whole family looking at their tablets or phone. I know of some people that do not do that, but this trend is unavoidable, where children may even do it in their friend’s home.

How do you keep them occupied? Are they glued to the TV when you are working on your household chores? or when they are in babysitter’s. I know I can’t talk much about this, as I’m not a mother or a teacher.

I’m not saying that TV is not good, if you are watching educational tv program with your kid like Barney the Dinasour ( my childhood favorites) or  High 5 ( for singing and dancing) is completely alright, as long as you interact with them.

Or there are also an alternative method,  to do activities with them. You can purchase them on, maybe sand art , diamond art and foam craft, or for older children felt craft, fabric craft, painting kit, can also work with them to make some DIY Christmas bag for family and friends, teaching them how to appreciate others with the spirit of giving. Doing activities like these not only helps you and your kid to build up rapport, or getting to know them better, but also helping them to learn many things while doing fun things together. Doing this together also will make them more creative as an individual. My sister, a kindergarten teacher, told me that children can learn best when they are playing. So you can check out the site, there are a variety of things in that website:-


Fabric Craft as well, this picture is a DIY Cupcake Pillow.

Now is having a offer for some of their items, maybe you can drop by to check it out, their items are all affordable.

Other than getting things online, you can always go on Youtube to search for craft ideas for kids. I seen my cousin, a mother of a 2 year old teaching her kid to work on art and crafts only through learning them from online and that is the cheapest way.




28 thoughts on “Gadgets every time?

  1. Great post right here! Love that you gave out suggestions for mothers. I am not going to lie, I am on my phone or laptop most of the time as well, but moreso for blogging and networking. I don’t watch a lot of tv and try my best to stay hands-on by working out, cooking, and doing crafts. I believe as long as you do your ‘gadget time’ in the right place and right time without being rude, it’s ok. (Not when you are eating dinner, at a meeting, or at church etc.–I’ve seen some ppl who will do so even when you’re not supposed to)

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  2. Unfortunately, we all had to accept the fact that times are a-changing and it’s a whole new generation now. While households can avoid having family members on technology from time to time, everyone still goes back to technology. Even at my work, which frustrates me some times, it seems like everyone is embracing the fact that everyone is using their cellphone constantly.
    Let’s just hope that those ‘alternative methods’ don’t go anywhere. 😉

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    • 5 year old, she must be so cute!! you can do a lot of DIY with her when you meet her!!~ hugs..i know my baby sis when she is away from home for 2 years for her studies…she was 18 then…i still miss her everyday!!~ will be back home soon aye!

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  3. I’m not a parent, but my friend recently said that she doesn’t like her kids being entertained via crafts because its too messy, so she lets them do crafts through apps on her ipad (like painting, etc). Too funny!

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  4. I think when it comes to kids, there are basically two things that occupy their time. One could be as you suggested, as these involves a guardian or parent to be with kids, doing activities together. So these are usually the ones they cannot do on their own, or there is a danger of making a mess. LOL. On the other hand, there are times when you need them to do things on their own so parents could focus on other things. Unfortunately, these days, these are iPads.

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    • I beg to differ. To make a “mess”, I’m sure it teaches them life skills like cleaning up after that. home is also a training ground for children. I know of people that do not let their children dirty their hands, I’m sad for them as they can’t be able to explore their talents at the young age. And they do not know how to clean up because their parents are too careful with anything they do.


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