Parfum Body Care Range , The ENCHANTEUR PARIS {Sponsored Review}


img_0131 As I opened this box, I could smell the fragrance from Enchanteur Paris.

Parfum Body Care Range comes in 3 different scents:-

Mon Amie:  a refreshing scent best suited for carefree days and outing with friends.

Belle Amour: Sakura scent with vitamin B3 & Liqourice. Good for a romantic date with your other half.

Adore :  Floral & Fruity scent. Can get this if you need antibacterial care (protection against germs) and defense against UV rays.


I’m going to review 3 different items of the same brand:-

1. The ENCHANTEUR PARIS Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Texture: not too sticky and blends with skin very nicely.

Price:  retails at RM8.70 per 50ml bottle.

Size: Small and easy to keep into my handbag, can use it on the go, when I go to the ladies.

It all smells refreshing and have a whitening effect to our skin.

2. The Enchanteur  Parfum Lotion

Texture: not so sticky and nice feeling.

Size: Although it is a little too large for my handbag, but it is good to be kept at home and to use it after shower or before a date.

Price Ranges:  Tube retails : RM7.50 to RM7.90 (85ml / 100ml)

Bottle retails : RM16.95 to RM18.00 (275ml / 300ml).

Mon Amie Double Moisture Parfum Serum with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil. Guarantees anyone a full day hydration.

 Mon Amie Light and Fresh good for those who just want a light scent and do not like heavy smell fragrance.

Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion provides instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents – Licorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3. I could smell the Sakura on my skin I even thought it was rose smell on me.

Adore Antibacterial Care Parfum Body Lotion protects skin from harmful bacteria while leaving skin a nice floral & Fruity scent.

3. Parfum Deo Mist

Texture: Like it’s name, you can feel it’s mist, it is not too watery for me.

Size: It is so compact that it can be place into my small hand bag and bring for travels.

Smell: This perfume is not too strong for me.

Price: RM10.10 for 100ml

Overall: I know that I will get this product as gifts for Christmas.

Places to get it : hyper-marts has it and also Watson and Guardian.

You can read my past review from the same company but different brand. It was on Female Hygiene wash.



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