Write and Win 25 USD Amazon gift card/ PayPal Credit!

6753_storytellingBuzzite.com is having a competition and I’m one of the contestants.

To Join this competition, one will need to do these 4 steps:-

Step 1: Join Blogging Community Group on Facebook

Step 2: Sign up to be part of Buzzite community on Buzzite.com

Step 3: Facebook message Globin to let him know or contact anybody on the Blogging Community Group they will direct you to Globin. You can also chat with me to find out more.

Step 4: Write your article, and get creative. What is in your mind? Maybe your juicy ideas may win you 25USD. It should be topics that are interesting to read or viral. There will be no limit for the articles, but only 1 article will be chosen. 18th Dec to 20th Dec 2016 (Sunday to Tuesday) is the time frame for you to post up articles for the competition.

Step 5: Share your posts to any social media. DO NOT spam or use any backlink traffic. Spam or backlink post will be disqualified by the judges.

The winner will be selected by the frequency of viewers, shares and comments. The winner will be given 25USD Amazon gift card or PayPal credit depending on his/ her preference. Remember that you can only be responsible to your own account and it has to be under your name and profile always.

All the best to those who are interested, this competition is opened to all. Comment below if  you do not understand what I wrote about.

I have written one post on Buzzite.com do check it out and let me know what you think about it.Title: Genocide, Black Market, Stealing innocent bodies to harvest their organs, to trade.

The winners will be revealed on the 1st Jan 2017

Hurry spread the news around!!




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