Ikan Patin…Nom…Nom…Nom…

I made reservations with Patin Place Puchong to celebrate the bf birthday (now fiance) on the 27th Feb 2017. We arrived in the evening around 6pm. I’m thankful that they have placed some balloons for us.  We were warmly welcomed by the owner, Ardeen. While awaiting for the ikan patin and sayur rangup to cook, we had some time to play the IQ puzzle my then bf; had purchased from Japan.


IQ puzzle, he completed 1 puzzle, and a few more others.

These are the food pictures:-

IMG_2240Dried Steamed Ancient Brick, Ikan Patin.

It is mixed with soya source. Being a fan of ikan patin and no place to go in Klang valley, my bf was contented that I bring him for the ikan patin meal. Ancient brick is their specialty. They used the ancient brick to steam the patin fish hence the different taste comparing to normal cooked steamed fish in a normal restaurant. If you do not like fishy smell taste on your fish, this place is highly recommended.

Taste: 8/10

Price: starts from RM68+

IMG_2239Sayur Rangup- Rangup.

This dish is fried kangkung ( water spinach) something like finger food, it came before the ikan patin arrived. It tasted like fried mushrooms. It is crunchy, but don’t leave it too long, it may turn soggy.

Taste: 7/10

Price: RM15.90

IMG_2244For dessert I opted for coconut ice cream. As you can see in the picture, they put in coconut biscuits and it is served in a coconut shell.

Price: Rm8.90


A picture with the birthday boy & the owner of Patin Place Puchong.

It will be good if you can arrive the restaurant earlier, because around 8pm customers starts coming in. If you do not like crowds. This is purely halal restaurant.

Something different about this restaurant; they homemade a few other products such as; health products,  e.g Habbatus Sauda (Black seed oil), Bentong Ginger,& Extra Virgin Oil and recently sells some cosmetic product e.g . To find out more click on their Facebook page .



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