My love for running is 2 years old.

My runs started when I was called by a very close friend of mine for a little walk at Tmn Chatin, Mentakab. She asked me if I wanted to go out to jog with her. Then I later took up a courage to sign up for a pray for OA run 2 years ago ( RunNat GRACE ). A place where I get out of my comfort zone to serve the Lord, together with people that I just knew then. I was disappointed that I failed to complete my 5km fun run. I end up praying inside the van while the van fetch me to the next station. But I still have a good hands on experience of how to pray for others and serve in a place in need of the gospel.

1. Gingerbread Run

A year after that, I signed up for a virtual run, in which at the same time the money I pay goes to the charity. I’m not yet an avid but I believe the BURNING desire to RUN was instilled in me after the virtual run by running kaki.

IMG_1125 edity

This was the very 1st virtual run, that I joined.

We were suppose to print screen the distance we ran up to 25km. It was quite difficult for me to complete as I almost gave up running. December was a rainy month as well as a busy month filled with activities with friends and church; some of the days I did 2kms, 3kms and sometimes 5 kms. I fret, learnt from experiences, sweat more than usual, had muscle ache due to no exercise throughout the years of growing up and also difficulty searching for a buddy (my dad’s concern about me being alone in the park).

I used an app named STRAVA (Yin recommended to me), as she is an avid runner. I salute her stamina and determination to sign up for many runs in a year. That link above is of her recent run.


this was what I received after completing my 25 km virtual run. Ain’t the medal cute?

2. AXA Hearts in Action run 2017

IMG_8780 edit


I completed my 1st ever paid run this year, a few weeks back (24th Sept 2017). It was a    6 km run together with the fiance. The fees was Rm55 per adult for 6 km and Rm65 for 12 km. I’m so glad we ran for a cause. I love the t-shirt very much. The experience is something that I will never want to trade for anything.

What we learnt from this run:-

1. We learn to be punctual.

We were suppose to be there around 6am, when the warm up session starts then. Nobody will wait for us, when we are late.


as you can see, it is still dark when we arrived.


2. We learn to patiently wait in the jam.

Yes there are many cars as we are arriving the venue. We learn to wait for our turn to park our car.

3. We learn to take our time.

We learn to take it easy and run at our own pace. In this run, I also learnt that my jogging buddy (my fiance) is patient in caring for me and watching me. He also reduced his speed just for me. I know it is difficult for him, as it wasn’t his stamina he is running/ walking at.


6 km may be very little for many people but for me it was a good start!`

4. We learn to continue the run without looking behind.

We noticed many other walking and running at different speed in front of us. It kept the both of us focused to finish the run. I believe this is a good experience for me to encourage me to walk another km without realizing the distance.

5. We learn to stop and rest at a normal pace when we are tired. 

This is our 1st run together, and our 1st 6 km event in our life. So we walked more than we run in this event. “Slow and steady, win the race”



Add on to that some tips before I close, remember to drink lots of water before and after the run. The weather can be very hot and also you need to replenish a lot of water because a lot of water comes out of your body during exercising.

Bring along a cap, in case it gets sunny in the late morning. Eat a lot of carbohydrate to boost back your energy after the run.

Take lots of pictures to keep them for remembrance.

Feel free to share with me your running experience as well. Thanks for dropping by, till next post!~ I will be writing about my China Trip beginning of this year. So very sorry for the delay.




2 thoughts on “My love for running is 2 years old.

  1. Whoa, although I join a lot of running events, I have never really thought about the lessons that you have learned; reading this refreshed my memory 🙂 We run to complete, and not to compete! Hope you will continue leading a healthy lifestyle 🙂

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