How to keep your skin moist in a hot weather? {sponsored review}

ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion Range

this body lotion can help you to keep your skin moist whole day long. They come in 3 variants; Alluring, Romantic and Charming. 



This 24 hours lotion range is new to me. I have received this product on the 20th Sept, only managed to sit down and blog about it today. Due to the dry weather, I told myself that I really need to keep my skin moisture. I’m glad that these lotion are with me. The smell of this lotion is not too strong. I don’t feel that my skin is very sticky or oily after using it. Just now, I had itchy skin, and I applied it. It made a difference to my dry skin.

Ench 24h Moist Lotion_MoodShot_3FA

all using 3 similar contents; olive oil, rose water and lily extract. 

these 3 different variants of lotion has different fragrance in it; these are the different contents they have:

1. ENCHANTEUR Charming (made for the sensual, elegant & sophistic)

Mix of Rose and Muguet together with Citrus and Aldehydes.  Also uses Musk and Cedarwood.

 2. ENCHANTEUR Romantic (made for the uplifting, cheerful & feminine)

Mandarin, Violet and Galbanum. Using Bulgarian Roses, White Jasmine, Mimosa and Orange Flower. Sandwood and Vanila is also added into this bottle. 

 3. ENCHANTEUR Alluring (made for the seductive, passionate & mysterious)

Using Bergamot and Passion fruit, Roses and Iris, and rich Vanilla, Musk and Vetiver. 

You must be wondering how does it look like in texture, do check my other post on other Enchanteur range of products. For this range of lotion has an add on, 24 hours moist after using it, to keep your body always hydrated.

Price: RM11.90 (including 6% GST) per bottle of 220ml and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

To keep me moist, the company has also gave me a freebie

pic 4

it is an A5 size bottle, makes travel easy. 

For more information about Enchantuer products you can click on these links.

Facebook page: Enchantuer 


Thanks to Enchanteur team for giving me another opportunity like this to help to blog about their products.

Thanks for dropping by my dear readers. Hope you stay healthy and refreshed all day long.




3 thoughts on “How to keep your skin moist in a hot weather? {sponsored review}

  1. I have dry skin and working in an air conditioned environment don’t really help much. I always find it a hassle to reapply lotion from time to time, hope to try this lotion when I’ve finished my current bottle 🙂

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