Safi Rania Gold Beetox { Product Launch}

group product SRG

6 out of  10 varieties and choices for our face.


I’m honored to be able to be part of the media of a product launch for the 5th Generation of Safi Rania Gold, the event was held in St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur on the 16th Oct 2017. They started the event at around 2:30pm. I was about 20 minutes late for registration, but their person in charge was kind enough to lead me to the hall, as I lost my way in Mid Valley, can you imagine me from Pahang?


the beautiful stage and lovely deco of the ballroom.


gifts for me to bring home. =)


me awaiting for the event to start.


a picture worthy place.

This brand Safi Rania, I have heard of it but have never tried on this product. Due to the name, most bumiputera would have gone for it because it is halal certified by JAKIM. It is no harm trying. This brand have been around for 11 years. This 5th Generation of Safi Rania GOLD 24K Beetox has improvement in the formula, that includes Beetox.

Started with a welcome speech by, Mr. Sriram Krishnamurthy (Chief Executive- Wirpo Unza (Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.). According to Mr.Sriram, many consumers says that they believe Safi is pure, safe, and halal.  He added that consumers should know that Safi is created locally, proudly Malaysian and also proudly world class.

Safi Rania has always have Nano Gold in their product. Now they add in Beetox . Beetox is a mixture of any kind of product associated to Bee; which are bee propolis, honey, royal jelly and bee venom. Bee venom that could trick the skin to believe that the bee has stung, so it plums up and remove the wrinkle; it works powerful as an anti aging tool.

After the welcome speech, there is another speech by Puan Mahsuri Sulaiman (Safi Marketing Manager Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. She shared a little bit about Nano Malaysia as she introduce and thank them for their verification for the Nano Gold inside Safi Rania products. Those who attended is Datuk Johan,  Dr. Aina & Azira. According to Puan Mahsuri, Nano GOLD helps our skin to generate collagen making skin soft and young.

Home Tester club was also there, has also tried Safi Rania GOLD Beetox. And they have good feedback on it. The whole event end at about 4:30pm. It was a good experience for me.


this year’s talent from Indonesia.






Today, I tried on the Beetox cleanser, the texture is thick and yellow in colour. The feeling on the face is rather creamy, when I leather the facial cleanser on my face, there is no cooling feel, just normal feeling. After washing it away, my face felt very clean.

Then after toner, I put on Youthful gold essence adding 2 drops of Youthful Elixir for a more moisturized face. The gold essence actually felt like jelly on my skin. It claims to have 24 hours moisture lock. Youthful Elixir makes me feel like it can create magic to my face. During the 1st few days of using it, I feel the heat on my eyes, maybe because I applied the product too near my eyes. After gotten use to it, I do not have the problem any longer. This product is specially for Asians as most of us have pigments on our face or skin although we are young. Youthful Elixir helps to reduce pigmentation. Only 2 drops day and night, should be sufficient.


here is how to mix it. 

You can get those products from Guardian, Watson, Mydin and Parkson.

These are the other products , I did not test before. I saw it during the event after I check my skin condition. The had a free skin check up. I realized that I’m starting to have a little bit of pigmentation, although it is not clear. I guess I need to start to take care of my skin properly.



was checking on this before after make up, the most important is to have a make up remover. 

Thanks for dropping by to read my blog. Thanks Safi for the invitation to this event. Good experience and lovely food as well!




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