A Beautiful Mind


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Today I finally managed to watch a movie that I have wanted to watch 2 months ago. It is a story about a very famous  mathematician John Nash and how his wife continue to love him despite his paranoid schizophrenia. His life story inspires me that despite his hallucinations, he still managed to get a Nobel prize for Economics in 1994.

Schizophrenic can do big things in life too, if you have mental health problems don’t stop trying to reach anything you want to do in life. Never give up. Family and friends should watch this movie, as you will be able to see the stigma that effects a lot, and how love helps John succeed in life.


Today is Thursday so Song Jong Ki’s Forencos Thursday Mask {Collaboration}


7 Days Mask modeled & recommended by the very well known Descendant of the Sun actor Song Joong Ki. These are mask for daily usage, Thursday mask is part of the 7 Days Mask by Forencos (For Envoirmental Cosmetics) . Made of natural silk and cellucose fiber sheet which can comfort the skin and fits in well.


Tea Tree Relax Silk Mask

I remember when I’m a teenager, I often purchase teatree products. It is good if you have pimples on your skin, it will help you heal your skin. Teatree is effective especially for sensitive and irritated skin. It will balance the skin from being too oily , moisturize and soothes it. It also contains 50mg of horse fat (good for dry skin).


Although this is not the cheapest mask in Korea, it claims to have a full bottle of serum comparing with other normal face mask that we often purchase outside and of course this is a higher range mask in Korea. Don’t get too disappointed though, as you can get this mask for only RM10/pc (same as in Korea) from Happymintz.


Take a look at their Facebook page Happymintz  or scan the QR code to find out more!



Feels a bit starchy when put on. Very cooling on the face. Need to place on the face for 10 to 20 min but I left it on only for 10 mins. Still have other things to work on later tonight after this review. Leaving my face softer and not so dry after my facial soap.

Do take a look at my Instagram or Facebook account as I posted pictures and videos.




2017 the year of Fire Rooster!


picture by myheartots

Postcare is known as being the 1st postcard station in Malaysia. I have always loved postcards, this concept is especially appealing to me as last year I went back into doing postcrossing. For the love of illustrations and caricatures, I was told by a friend of mine about this postcard station. I didn’t get to make time to go there until December last year. My sister and I went there a week before Christmas to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


my sister and the many postcards that we do not know which to pick, all so cute!!!

We so love the place as it is a small cozy place. We don’t have to worry if we did not bring our stationeries along, as Postcare provides pens, stamps and markers. We also don’t have to worry about not having any postcards to write on, as the postcards stocks are uncountable.


The post box!! A must “prop” to take a picture together. Will & Kay on the left. My Sis & I on the right.

There, we were entertained by Will and Kay. They are both very friendly and approachable people. Will is the founder of Postcare ; Will and Kay both creates beautiful postcards as well. I love that Postcare house a variety of postcards with different theme and style. Besides Will and Kay, there are many other local artist that create their postcards for Postcare.

Other then illustrations and caricatures, I also love postcards that shows the life of Malaysia. I guess this is where all my favourite postcards will be in. Due to distance and time, I only managed to visit Postcare once, but I managed to purchased twice from them through the internet.

See how they decorated their envelopes to be posted to me? One of them is the most recent mail. It came with the postcards I purchased for the Chinese New Year. Can you noticed the rooster stamp on the envelopes.

Some  of my favourites:-

  1. Childhood snacks – these are so nostalgic! 

Popo one of my favourite snack drawn on the postcard.


Pop Corn, Ding Dang and Tora

I know these 3 postcards would have reminded a Malaysian 90’s kid about childhood very much. Thank you so much Will for creating these postcards. (shed tears)


2. Chinese New Year

These are my personal favourites for the Chinese New Year. I love the most is the heart shaped postcard as the front is actually a Chicken. The angpows are lovely as well, it is an egg shaped when you open it up.The blue angpow has a local twist to it with the word ayam on it.

3. Hugs


picture by Postcare

These postcards speaks for themselves. When you send them to your friends or family.

If you are interested in customization you can also contact them through:

email: wepostwecare@gmail.com or Facebook:  Postcare .

Rating: 10/10

I emailed Will Sii a few questions and these are his replies;

1) When was PostCare started?
We started design postcards since 2011 by i’ll studio. Today, you will still find designs that we have created during those good years. PostCare’s mission started since 2015, where the thought of PostCare here is to bring positive vibes for everyone.
2) How did PostCare station concept came about?
PostCare – We Post We Care
In direct, it’s as simple as share (post) the loves (care) around the world. We decided heart/love shaped could be the best and most appropriate for our mission.
3) What do you like to draw best?
Honestly, every pieces we created, we love. Art has no limit, and our loves have no limit in loving every and each pieces.
4) Any favorite postcards you have so far?
This is always not a simple question to be answered. But if really to choose any, I personally love the creations which represent Malaysia.
5) Any Chinese New Year Wishes you would love to give to my readers?
Yes, we always think that one greeting/wish us never enough for anyone. So to make every single blessing into a huge blessing, we hate to wish everyone a #RoosteriousYear ahead with all-is-well!
6) Any additional information do you want readers to know about Postcare?
PostCare Station, definitely is a place where we sincerely provide you the best and original postcards which you could post it to your beloved ones.
PS: PostCare Station, is where you can choose your postcards, write your messages, stick your stamps and post your loves all around the world.
7) Where are you from? you mentioned last time that you are from Brunei right? (correct me if I’m wrong)  What makes you choose Malaysia?
I’m Malaysian originally. I was grown up and educated in Brunei.
8) Why Malaysia today?
It’s not a plan, it happened, and we are looking forward and curious to what’s next.
thank you for replying my email Will. As for my readers, sorry for not updating sooner, I will try my best to write more often after these busy days have passed, I hope that you all had a fulfilling fire rooster year ahead. Happy Chinese New Year 2017!!!


Gadgets every time?

Do you have time with your children or are you always on your phone or devices? There are a few occasion that I see the whole family looking at their tablets or phone. I know of some people that do not do that, but this trend is unavoidable, where children may even do it in their friend’s home.

How do you keep them occupied? Are they glued to the TV when you are working on your household chores? or when they are in babysitter’s. I know I can’t talk much about this, as I’m not a mother or a teacher.

I’m not saying that TV is not good, if you are watching educational tv program with your kid like Barney the Dinasour ( my childhood favorites) or  High 5 ( for singing and dancing) is completely alright, as long as you interact with them.

Or there are also an alternative method,  to do activities with them. You can purchase them on Xuen.com.my, maybe sand art , diamond art and foam craft, or for older children felt craft, fabric craft, painting kit, can also work with them to make some DIY Christmas bag for family and friends, teaching them how to appreciate others with the spirit of giving. Doing activities like these not only helps you and your kid to build up rapport, or getting to know them better, but also helping them to learn many things while doing fun things together. Doing this together also will make them more creative as an individual. My sister, a kindergarten teacher, told me that children can learn best when they are playing. So you can check out the site, there are a variety of things in that website:-


Fabric Craft as well, this picture is a DIY Cupcake Pillow.

Now Xuen.com.my is having a offer for some of their items, maybe you can drop by to check it out, their items are all affordable.

Other than getting things online, you can always go on Youtube to search for craft ideas for kids. I seen my cousin, a mother of a 2 year old teaching her kid to work on art and crafts only through learning them from online and that is the cheapest way.



Part 1- Seremban-State Museum of Crafts & Cultural Park


So happy to be here =)

We started our journey early in the morning from KL at around 9am and reached there at 10am. We were in Seremban for a half day trip, as we wanted to explore part of Negeri Sembilan. There are 4 museums in Negeri Sembilan, but because it was an impromptu trip to Seremban, we only managed to go to one of the Museums. I did not regret going there as I very interested in looking at the Minangkabau roof top to understand that is a Minangkabau check this link. I love culture so I’m glad that Albert ( my bf) decided to bring me there. We went there also for some postcards as we are postcrossing members.


Greeted by a Steam Engine- Negeri Sembilan use to be a tin mining area.


We needed to climb up the stairs.


A date with my bf, we learnt about Sarjan Hassan.

I met my cat’s brother there =)


State Museum Crafts & Culture Park


Miniature of Istana Ampang Tinggi (royal residence)

The place is quiet, good for couples date, if you and your partner are a fan of museums and culture. We were in a rush of time, as we are heading for lunch @ Mama Kim, Seremban 2 and I have already make appointment to do face spa at 12:30noon. If we are not in a rush I would have want to explore more museums.

There are 3 more museums, I would want to go there for my next trip to Negeri Sembilan, I’m sure my friends there will bring me around. If you know of any place in Negeri Sembilan that I’m suppose to go, do let me know, I’m interested in finding out more about this state.

We allocated only 1 hour for this museum. Maybe you can stay longer to learn more about that place. There is also a small shop for your to purchase some souvenir home.



Part 3

food bloggers something for you to check, click on this link .

Malam Sajak Sang Pemula @ BACA- The Reading Room & Cafe

getting ready

The 1st picture I took when I reached BACA that night

So.. I know about “Malam Sajak Sang Pemula” on the 17th of July 2016. When I 1st heard of it from Ms. Surina, I thought about my past experiences in school, where we need to read aloud puisi, sajak, pantun or syair in our Bahasa Melayu class. Coming from a Kebangsaan school,   I was given opportunities to taste activities like these in my Primary school. I remembered very vividly that I needed to present an English poem on the stage during one of our school’s weekly English day (it was on every Wednesday morning) but failed to memorized the full verse, right now I can’t really recall the words of the poem except for the title , Rub a Dub Dub, I tried google-ing it just now but couldn’t find the version that I practiced last time. It was a very scary experience for me last time on the stage. I have stage fright and could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

That rainy evening, I reached BACA at 9pm sharp, sat around and chit chat with others until it started at 930pm. Yeah I know I did not go with any friends, I tried to ask my friends to join me but my group of friends divided into a few groups of; not interested, busy with their life & children & friends that are too far from Temerloh to join me, that may have love the event. It ended at 12am, correct me if I’m wrong.

stage =) & people

Can you recognized which is me on the above picture? Do comment okay? This picture is taken by one of the Project Rabak people. A good picture to keep for remembrance.  7 people presented their written poem; it was nostalgic for me although the poems sounds more modernized comparing to my school years.

The Emcee of the day was Ms. Adilin, I enjoyed her cheerfulness and bubbly personality. 1st one to share 3 ‘pantun’s was  Tok Kura. I enjoyed all 3 of his poems, ‘Tag Tag 20sen’ and ‘Ayah’. 2) Tia’s , Summer and Inconsistent lovers, made me reflect back on my past crushes and also the poem Summer makes me thought about which state was I going to be when I do not seek medical help when I’m a college student. Suicidal thoughts are not new in our world today. Many mental patient go through that. 3) Ms. Diana’s, ‘Anugerah’ makes my heart cry, so sweet the lovebirds as you can see in the above picture.

I could say my Bahasa is not that good, so I need to take some time to listen before I really can catch the meaning behind it. Want to brush up my Malay language! 4) Malik read 4 malay poem and 1 english poem. 5) Ashikin M. (her existence made me realized Mahsuri is real). 6) Mr.Jamal’s spoken poems brings me to shame with his perfect English! As I wrote on my instagram, I love 2 of his poems Words (talking about Malay in general but I love the way he plays with words)& Creditbilit-Y (genY behind) & also not forgetting his phrase “The healing powers of waiting”. Ended with (6) Md.Jayzuan, I’m not really a fan as I’m afraid of places like tomb stone or cemetery, his way of presenting the poems are a little bit too hard for me.

Overall these experience had made me realized how much poems have changed from my years in school . After I known it for 2 and half decades, count my age *grins*. Similar to the past poems, poet uses to express their feelings. I also realized that poems are normally written when someone feels emotional even though there are also happy poems out there. I would love to thank Ms. Surina and BACA for giving me an opportunity to attend the event. Thanks also to Projek Rabak for the moving presentation :). Thanks Vinh for putting this all together as the curator of the team.

For more events information to keep yourself updated about BACA, please go to their Facebook page.


Opening hours if you are in Temerloh:

10am to 10pm everyday except Monday.

There are many books to check out over there.

a few links of the Team from Projek Rabak (thanks Diana for the list of links for future references)

Curator : Vin Vinh

Some poets :

  1.  Diana Baharudin
  2. Jamal Raslan
  3. Tuk Kura (English) or Tuk Kura (Malay) instagram: Tuk Kura , twitter: tukkura91

*Projek Rabak*


*Khizanat | Rumah Khizanat*


*Ipoh Kreative*