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Christmas gift for my Boyfriend.

Yesh! I purchased this for my bf and

when it arrived
nicely wrapped in a box
then another layer of plastic bag
lovely picture of bf & I

I hope he likes it. Knowing this guy is one of the best Christmas gift that my God has ever given to me. I’m thankful to be able to spend time & learn about him more and more each day. I remembered the time when we 1st started, from the time we started looking at 1st day covers, opened the door for me, sat on the spinning chair, 1st confessed to each other about our care for each other, 1st held hands & prayed over the phone. There are many other 1st times we had together in the whole year. This is the final month of the year. Memories of the 1st times just floods through my mind. The times when I cry and he will comfort me, hug me and dry my tears. I’m a content person.

Quality of the Morty Luggage Tag, I so love the quality of the luggage tag. I know it will be lasting and durable as it is printed on a 3mm thick, hard board material.

Price of Morty Luggage Tag, Rm55 for 1 person + Additional is another RM20, and if you customize your favourite background like I did, Eric will charge depending on the difficulty. I purchased mine at RM125. If you want to give a gift to your love one, you should consider giving this special item. Or you can also view other products in Eric’s website 

You can get it as a gift for a friend, a farewell gift, and also a birthday gift. It works for people that loves customized items. Hope you had a great time during Christmas!

our story is in another post here

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Love Series- Light Senstation

I just wanted to show you a picture of me at the event.

We went on 11th Sept, Saturday, my bf planned this trip when he purchased the tickets over the 7-eleven counter. Sept 12th marks our 1 year and 4 months together, we decided to make time for the Light Sensation Event in MAEPS, Seri Kembangan, Malaysia that was awarded a Guinness Record of the most attended event in the world.

We didn’t really have fun in the event. Maybe we both had high expectations for the event. Blame it on how late we were, I reckoned that we should have gone there earlier. When we arrived at 8pm it was already dark and nothing much to see due to the human traffic. The human traffic at the bus stop was crazy and scary as well. There were enough buses for the huge crowd. So many impatient people pushed their way into the bus. The dilemma cause some of them to hit the bus. I dint like it there because there were jam everywhere. Traffic jam and people jam. Due to the unexpected crowd; Light Sensation do not have enough workers or buses to serve the crowd. Everything became heir wired and the process to reach the place was really slow.

Managed to see one of my favorite printing company on display! Printcious collaborating with Liselle Tea.

T-Shirt & Mugs

Ratings for Light Sensation: 2/10 terrible experience

Ratings for Printcious: thumbs up, so nice!~

Although I have rated it as bad experience for my 1 and a half year dating anniversary outing, I felt content that I made it for the Light Sensation Event where everyone was talking about. We actually paid RM30 for picture that didn’t turn out the look I wanted. So, I opted for another alternative picture as a memory with the bf at the same time as a Christmas gift for him.

I ordered a luggage tag from Eric-Chua, I made my order on 13th Sept and received it on 19th Oct. Eric took about less than a month to complete it. I will write about this product on my next post. I love the luggage tag very much.

To read more about the luggage tag read here.

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Button Badges can NOW be Personalized with a machine.


History of Button Badge

Button Badge have been around since the 19th Century, it 1st started to be worn during the political campaigns and was 1st worn in America by the supporters of a presidential candidate. Throughout the years button badge have been used for different occasion, freebie and as an advert. Buttons did not go out of trend and people are still using it daily.

Benefit & Uses of Button Badges

  1. Freebie  For customer/clients to remember your company. According to wikipedia, In 1945, the Kellogg Company,  printed unto buttons as a gift in a Cereal box to boost their sales.
  2.  Always in Trend Pin-on badges are commonly used on t-shirt, bags, caps, & pencil case made of cloth. 
  3. Safety pin , colourful pin-on badges can also be used as a safety pin for scarf when one is in an event.
  4. Fundraising opportunities for a social event when you do not have any ideas of what to get for sponsors. Badges are attractive, can be a reminder to others about the event. Of course make sure it is attractive.
  5. Personalize Gift ideas can be use for weddings as a door gift, as awards for company annual dinners and many more.
  6. Button Badge Production price wise, it is more affordable than any other items and company that does sales can consider using it as a marketing tool. 

How to personalize your badges?

TUTORIAL: Button Badge Making

Liberty Printing has 16 designs of button badges


Button Badges can be made into Sharpener, bookmark, ball pen, pin, hairband, hair pin, hook, photo stand, clip, magnetic opener,magnet, keycahin, keychain mirror, keychain (Chrome) and KeyChain (Chrome) both side and Award Ribbons. If interested can contact Elaine or Steven.


Some past companies that printed their buttons using Liberty’s Button Badge Package.


For company investment you can also purchase a Button Badge Machine starter package for as low as RM1200.

Button Badge Starter Pack is:

1. Small and light weight
2. User friendly.
3. Can print very fast and effective.
4. Reliable and durable.
5. Extensive application

Package Includes;  Button Badge Machine Aluminium, Button Badge Mould, Button Badge, Die Cutter, 100 pcs button badge pin and 100 inkjet paper. Training is provided for those who purchase this machine. Button Badge Package link


Kindly email or call our sales person:

Contact Number: 019-9858151 (Ms. Elaine) or 019-3231515 (Mr. Steven)

Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T),  Malaysia Button badge supplier:
Address: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang.

Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)


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RM20: Get 1 customized phone case for your friend or you!

Follow this steps to get 1 at RM20. This special offer will last until 30th of Nov. HURRY! Get one for your friends, children or as a Birthday gift for others.

Steps to get one at RM20!

1. Check availability.  ( only for  Samsung  Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 , S3,

S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S5, S6 or Iphone 4, 5/5s, 5c, 6 plus, 6s & 6)

it was iphone 6plus for me.

2. Get Creative!! Pick your favourite picture/ cartoon character/ or make a collage!

example: Your anniversary, your pet, your favourite singer or actor, favourite place, etc.

I picked a picture of 2 of my favourite things, Shalom & roses from my bf :

Chose this picture.

3. Send the picture to  019-9858151 via WhatsApp. Then they will help you to set your picture into the template, to show how your phone cover will look like after print.

they will send a picture to you.

4. Add words or special dates that you want to remember of, but it is optional.

Some sample phone covers to show you.

This is how it looks like when it was posted to me, it is wrapped very properly. If you are interested kindly use the code below to make your orders. And if you are from Semenanjung Malaysia, you have free postage. As for Sabah and Sarawak you will need to add another RM6.


Sorry that I have been away for so long. I hope that there are still readers on my blog. The internet line has been terrible lately. Do bear with me, thanks for still dropping by!~Sorry this is only valid for Malaysian or those staying in Malaysia.


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Gadgets every time?

Do you have time with your children or are you always on your phone or devices? There are a few occasion that I see the whole family looking at their tablets or phone. I know of some people that do not do that, but this trend is unavoidable, where children may even do it in their friend’s home.

How do you keep them occupied? Are they glued to the TV when you are working on your household chores? or when they are in babysitter’s. I know I can’t talk much about this, as I’m not a mother or a teacher.

I’m not saying that TV is not good, if you are watching educational tv program with your kid like Barney the Dinasour ( my childhood favorites) or  High 5 ( for singing and dancing) is completely alright, as long as you interact with them.

Or there are also an alternative method,  to do activities with them. You can purchase them on, maybe sand art , diamond art and foam craft, or for older children felt craft, fabric craft, painting kit, can also work with them to make some DIY Christmas bag for family and friends, teaching them how to appreciate others with the spirit of giving. Doing activities like these not only helps you and your kid to build up rapport, or getting to know them better, but also helping them to learn many things while doing fun things together. Doing this together also will make them more creative as an individual. My sister, a kindergarten teacher, told me that children can learn best when they are playing. So you can check out the site, there are a variety of things in that website:-

Rock Painting
Suncatcher Keychain
Scratch Art 
Fabric Craft as well, this picture is a DIY Cupcake Pillow.

Now is having a offer for some of their items, maybe you can drop by to check it out, their items are all affordable.

Other than getting things online, you can always go on Youtube to search for craft ideas for kids. I seen my cousin, a mother of a 2 year old teaching her kid to work on art and crafts only through learning them from online and that is the cheapest way.



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WePrint- 1st WeChat printer in Malaysia

I know about WePrint during an event in The Curve, a few months back when I was hanging out with a good friend of mine. Before that we needed to add the property company as friends on our WeChat before being able to print. These prints certainly serves as an ideal door gift for any events or functions.

As you know, I love hunting for customizing things and ideas. I received my blogger’s items from WePrint company, to do a review on their product.

1st badge
My 1st badge that I have been using it on my pencil case after the event.

WePrint is a 1st WeChat instant printer in Malaysia and is very attractive to the public. WeChat-ing is an alternative to WhatsApp. Coming from a photo printing company background, I felt that softcopy from WeChat has a very small megapixel and may not turn out nice on 4R prints, after testing the WePrint printer it settles all my headache to getting quality pictures that are sent through WeChat at the same time printing it instantly.I know it is the latest trend to use for advertising any business such as; property, events, products, bridal, hotel, charity or who knows a running event?

branded photo template
Some sample pictures from various company events.

How does it work?

steps to print

This is the youtube link for you to watch how to do it in detail.


This printer is good because:-

  1. It draws attention; many people.


2. Good quality – can make customer happy.

The pictures above are the items from WePrint, take a look at the quality of the prints. For the picture, (half of 4R size)  it looks a lot like matt paper quality, I love having photo paper like this.

3. Instant print – just less than 1 minute. Customers will not feel the need to wait too long.

4. Customers can choose any picture they want, edit it and then send to WeChat.


Liberty Printing is a heat transfer printing machine and material supplier in Malaysia. WePrint machine is exclusively imported, managed and distributed by Liberty Printing since 2015. They are currently in need of distributors. Find out now below!

For business enquiries,contact:
Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.
Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)
Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)
Facebook page: WePrint 
keep updated for free photo printing & where the printers are.

"What can we print for you? Free instant high quality photos!"

If you are interested in WePrint - Printer, you can use the discount code below. 


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This time 3 days!

Wheee…. another round of orders.

very nicely packed
so excited to open it…

Finally, received the magic mug together with a coaster. As you can see, I purchased it from Printcious . This is my 2nd time and  I chose from one of designers Yuz’ki.  Being a fan of cats, art and cute cartoons. I supported Yuz’ki by purchasing from her through Printcious. There are many other different designers on Printcious that you can check from the website. If you are a fan of black & white you can opt for Marty Woods or if you like Owls you can opt for Owlvin .

These are all Yuz’ki‘s items, I’m very tempted to get the Coffee Cats. Reminds me of my cats at home…

Here are the 2 items I purchased from Printcious  3 days ago and I received them today.

I really love her design, I’m thankful that Printcious has such a good artwork for their customers to pick from. Oh ya I purchased these for 2 friends, to show them I appreciate their friendship. I know that they will love their gift, as it is very cute!! To get the magic cup for yourself, you can get it from this link  & if you love the cup coaster, you can get from this link. (Cat lovers, you will love her creations!)


can you see the magic? It is so cool!!! I specially love this cute angelic cartoon on the mug… Yuz’ki still have many designs on Printcious.

Let me show you the back of the cup coaster. I love the texture. I’m giving this to my soul sister another blogger here is her link  do check out her blog, she has a lot post on health and staying fit!~


For other gifts for friends you can go to gifts (one of a link from Printcious) for you to have a better view of what you can give to your friends or family. Items have been divided into different categories so that it is convenient for us to pick from. Let me know if you ordered one for someone special, spread the joy of giving. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart.



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The T-shirt & Cup Coaster has arrived!!!

1) A Dryfit Kid T-shirt for the nephew!! (p/s the hanger is not included)

I made an order from Printcious  on the 17th of August 2016, and it arrived today. I waited only for 4 days and it arrived, I really thought it may be later due to the need to print and do every procedures. I was so surprised and excited that I quickly opened  the package! I want to see how will my customize/ personalize t-shirt and cup coaster looked like. I really hope my nephew and good jimui (a very close friend/ sister) will love their gift very much. I’m thankful that Printcious has this affordable printing service.

Those who did not know that I ordered this Dry Fit Kid T-shirt, you can click on my other link to know more about Printcious.

  1. The Dry Fit T-shirt quality; if you love t-shirt with good air ventilation for your children’s body, this t-shirt has little holes in them. It is something like of a jersey material, and it is also soft and light. I’m very excited to let Ivan try on when he comes to my house for a visit on August 31st. National Day holiday, so excited!!
  2. The cup coaster  quality; I created & purchased it in the same shopping cart, so that I can save on postage by purchasing 2 items at one go. Quality wise when I feel it on my hands, it is like rubber and the thickness is just nice to be placed between a table and a warm cup.

It was a good bargain, as I just needed to spend Rm40.80 for Dry Fit Kid T-shirt together with Cup coaster! With postage, it was just RM48.80 with AUGSALE! If you want the 20% off you should head into Printcious to make order before August ends in 21st Aug 2016 hurry!!!

A picture with my 2 items.I will want to purchase more next round!~

If you find this review helpful, please do not hesitate to comment on my post alright? I love to customize things and I really hope I could assist you in this area.



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I Customized A t-Shirt for the nephew! from Printcious

Personalized gifts, I love to get my creative juices flowing and do something different. My nephew (cousin’s son) is turning 2 soon! so I decided to get him a personalized t-shirt. This is the website named Printcious that I made this cute t-shirt from. No I didn’t want to put his picture in it, as I prefer a different kind of personalizing. =) So here is what I did in the website. =)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

dry fit kid
1) I clicked on T-shirt & then clicked on “dryfit kid”.
dry fit kid2
2) I chose “Cute Dog Love” & clicked on it.
dry fit kid 3
3) Then I chose the size and clicked on “customise it”.
cassey yiyi2
4) I click a few times on “add text” to have a center look for my sentences, typed in what I want to write on the t-shirt; then clicked on “done”.
size chart
5) Chose the size on the size chart. (For Ivan, I chose S size). Then I clicked on ” Add to cart”
add to cart , proceed to checkout
6) Then I click on proceed to check out.

Personalised Kid T-shirt, all ready to be sent through the mail. I can’t wait for Ivan’s t-shirt to reached me, in time for his birthday! Oops I know I am already late, but belated is better than never.

Those who are interested in customizing their items, you can directly go to the website . Try to think about someone that you would love to show love to, maybe you can made one gift for them to make their day special and that they will feel loved by your kind gesture. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart; This works for me as I know that I want to give something precious to my friends or family members. I can’t wait to purchase and customize more gifts from this website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do drop me some comments, if you feel that this post is very helpful to you. And that you can understand better about what product there are on Printcious. So so….Fun!!!!!