My love for running is 2 years old.

My runs started when I was called by a very close friend of mine for a little walk at Tmn Chatin, Mentakab. She asked me if I wanted to go out to jog with her. Then I later took up a courage to sign up for a pray for OA run 2 years ago ( RunNat GRACE ). A place where I get out of my comfort zone to serve the Lord, together with people that I just knew then. I was disappointed that I failed to complete my 5km fun run. I end up praying inside the van while the van fetch me to the next station. But I still have a good hands on experience of how to pray for others and serve in a place in need of the gospel.

1. Gingerbread Run

A year after that, I signed up for a virtual run, in which at the same time the money I pay goes to the charity. I’m not yet an avid but I believe the BURNING desire to RUN was instilled in me after the virtual run by running kaki.

IMG_1125 edity

This was the very 1st virtual run, that I joined.

We were suppose to print screen the distance we ran up to 25km. It was quite difficult for me to complete as I almost gave up running. December was a rainy month as well as a busy month filled with activities with friends and church; some of the days I did 2kms, 3kms and sometimes 5 kms. I fret, learnt from experiences, sweat more than usual, had muscle ache due to no exercise throughout the years of growing up and also difficulty searching for a buddy (my dad’s concern about me being alone in the park).

I used an app named STRAVA (Yin recommended to me), as she is an avid runner. I salute her stamina and determination to sign up for many runs in a year. That link above is of her recent run.


this was what I received after completing my 25 km virtual run. Ain’t the medal cute?

2. AXA Hearts in Action run 2017

IMG_8780 edit


I completed my 1st ever paid run this year, a few weeks back (24th Sept 2017). It was a    6 km run together with the fiance. The fees was Rm55 per adult for 6 km and Rm65 for 12 km. I’m so glad we ran for a cause. I love the t-shirt very much. The experience is something that I will never want to trade for anything.

What we learnt from this run:-

1. We learn to be punctual.

We were suppose to be there around 6am, when the warm up session starts then. Nobody will wait for us, when we are late.


as you can see, it is still dark when we arrived.


2. We learn to patiently wait in the jam.

Yes there are many cars as we are arriving the venue. We learn to wait for our turn to park our car.

3. We learn to take our time.

We learn to take it easy and run at our own pace. In this run, I also learnt that my jogging buddy (my fiance) is patient in caring for me and watching me. He also reduced his speed just for me. I know it is difficult for him, as it wasn’t his stamina he is running/ walking at.


6 km may be very little for many people but for me it was a good start!`

4. We learn to continue the run without looking behind.

We noticed many other walking and running at different speed in front of us. It kept the both of us focused to finish the run. I believe this is a good experience for me to encourage me to walk another km without realizing the distance.

5. We learn to stop and rest at a normal pace when we are tired. 

This is our 1st run together, and our 1st 6 km event in our life. So we walked more than we run in this event. “Slow and steady, win the race”



Add on to that some tips before I close, remember to drink lots of water before and after the run. The weather can be very hot and also you need to replenish a lot of water because a lot of water comes out of your body during exercising.

Bring along a cap, in case it gets sunny in the late morning. Eat a lot of carbohydrate to boost back your energy after the run.

Take lots of pictures to keep them for remembrance.

Feel free to share with me your running experience as well. Thanks for dropping by, till next post!~ I will be writing about my China Trip beginning of this year. So very sorry for the delay.




Mount Smiley: Gunung Senyum



fellow readers, so sorry for the long pause. I have been really busy juggling with my full time job and studies lately. But in the midst of the busy days, I still managed to indulge in a good place to relax and unwind with my sister and a friend. I went to Gunung Senyum, few weeks ago.

Gunung Senyum is situated in Hutan Lipur. It is part of Pahang Darul Makmur.

How did Gunung Senyum got it’s name ? According to ; the locals said that it originated when Sultan Pahang visited the place. None of the people he asked to knows the name of the mountain. What he received were just smiles from them.

The reason why I managed to visit Gunung Senyum was because I have a friend from Kuala Lumpur named Ann wanted to go and visit the place. It was almost an hour away from my house (Mentakab). We drove there at 11am, Saturday, 5th of August 2017. Although a few older adults have asked us not to go as there are only 3 of us, we still took the courage to go there on our own. Des (my youngest sister), Ann & I  took it as an adventure that we have never encounter. I’m not sure if you all know that I have very bad sense of direction. I’m thankful that Des, could help to navigate a bit as she has quite a good sense of direction. She loves adventure more than Ann & I.

We know that they have guides but didn’t know that we need to have at least 12 people in a group to employ a guide to guide us into the many caverns and caves. We only managed to visit 5 out of 12 caves. The mountain is made out of limestone and rock. It is so nice to be able to climb up the caves, some caves are slippery and steep. While some are very dark.

  1. Our 1st stop was at Gua Terang Bulan. We noticed that the pathway heading towards the end of the cave wasn’t nicely mantained. An eerie experience to walk especially in the dark, but we like it because we could see the light shinning down from the hole, thats why the name Terang Bulan (shinning moon). If you are lucky enough, you will get to see also a spectrum/ rainbow in that cave.

you can read more about it in here


here is a picture of the terang bulan cave.

2. Gua Angin


Similar to the cave’s name Angin (wind), when we enter this cave, the wind just blew, we could feel that lovely breeze. We climb up into Gua Angin and we came to Gua Taman Satu and Gua Taman Dua. 

3 & 4)  My favourite part of Gunung Senyum is Gua Taman Satu and Gua Taman Dua. There it was like Alice in the wonderland, except that it is not as colourful as cartoons.  Coral and mushroom looking stones.


my sister & I, among the corals.


Selfie of the 3 of us @ Gua Taman Dua. ( after the climb)



5) I also love the Gua Kolam Tujuh it has a legend about an elf (bunian in Malay) that fell in love with a man named Tok Long. Of course the father of the elf do not allow her to be with that man. Knowing that his daugther really love Tok Long, the father agreed with her and had told her that she need to always bathe in Gua Kolam Tujuh. However, Tok Long is said to broke a promise, and failed to find his wife back. His grave in Gua Makam Tok Long will be the evidence to the story. Read more here. Sorry that I didn’t managed to take any picture of Gua Kolam Tujuh. There is a lot of pools in the cave. Not man made pools but natural.

The girls and I didn’t get to visit Gua Makam because we do not know our way into the places. We told ourselves that , we would want to go with more people in future to explose more cave and caverns that we did not manage to cover in this trip.


I’m very thankful that Ann had suggested to go to Gunung Senyum, I have been wanting to visit this place in the longest time.


Gunung Senyum address:

Bandar Pusat Jengka



We travelled using waze.  Using the word : Hutan Lipur Gunung Senyum.  Waze is very helpful.




Something you need in your first aid kit- Spray8 (collaboration)

Spray8 is another product by Furley Bioextracts. Last week I also did post up another product by the name of FemMist  When I spray on Spray8 on my skin, I could smell the mangosteen smell from the product. The main ingredients of this product is the mangosteen extract. This products also have botanical extracts . Vitamin E and essential oil. It has a rather cooling effect after being sprayed on my skin.

It claims to be great for mosquito bites, scrapes and bruises will recover faster and works good for scalding skin or oil burns. How about giving this as a gift to someone recovering from surgery? or you yourself, that may need it when you injured yourself. It is also good for dry/brittle skin. Or if you are diabetic this may be a product you are looking for, for your wounds/ ulcer. Works well also for eczema, as I look at the comments/ feedback in the website.


You can go into the website and see for yourself other customer’s feedback. It can be use as frequently. For better effect on skin, spray it on and leave it without washing it off or lathering it evenly.

Price: Rm35 for 50ml

I know of this product since last year, when I tried the juice by this same company, if you are a fan of mangosteen drink, you can go to this page to check it out. Ostania. 

To get a bottle of Spray8 (50ml) off RM10 please click here.




Beauté – FemMist – Furley Bio (Collaboration)



nice packaging


slim and easy to place into your handbag



Do you feel that your vagina is dry, itchy or uneasy? FemMist is a solution for you if you do. FemMist is a feminine mist that is for women that is always on the go. I wasn’t a fan of any feminine wash until I stumbled upon an article on The Star Newspaper (Malaysian Local Newspaper), written on Nov 13th last year. The title of the article was How to take care of the vagina. One of the important thing mentioned on the article was to use feminine wash that has an acidic pH, but not those with harsh chemicals.

Yes, clean water is as important, if you have clean water. Nowadays water from the tap is not as clean anymore. Sometimes water comes out yellow. I would recommend that you wash your vagina properly after spraying FemMist 1 mins (for those with not so dry vagina). As this product helps dry vagina to become a bit more moisture. It claims to remove odour, reduce itchiness and discomfort that come from the vagina.

Specialty of this product is that it is water-based and natural. It is refreshing and formulated from mangosteen and manjakani.


picture credit: google

Mangosteen contains antioxidant that is higher than vitamin C and E.


picture credit:

Manjakani is a natural herb for vaginal tightening. Manjakani is rich in vitamin A, C, tannins and gallic acid, proteins. It also has anti microbes, anti-inflammatory properties.

The 1st time I used this product was July last year. I did not use it often because I already have neutral vagina. So occasionally when I feel it is too dry, I would spray some during shower time.

Remember to click on this link to get a RM10 off purchase and to know more about the product.





Ostania Premium: A boost of Mangosteen


A small box from Furley Bioextracts arrived last week.

The box contains a 500 ml bottled Ostania Mangosteen Amrita Premium. A bottle of Ostania cost only  RM49.90 or you also purchase it 3 in a pack  that cost RM130. Free postage only for within Malaysia.


Ostania 500 ml

Ostania Mangosteen Amrita Premium is a beverage packed high in antioxidants which combine the goodness of all extracts of; mangosteen whole fruit, apple, roselle, acai berry, grape and pomegranate. Wow very very healthy!! Each bottle of Ostania can make 16 cups of 30ml or mix with water with a ratio of 1:1. If you have a sweetooth and would want to drink it without adding in water, you can try.


i’m a fan of Mangosteen


it has a seal


twist the cap, and you can see it is nicely packaged


another cover on top after you open the bottle.

This bottle is made of Aluminium. I love it that it is solid unlike some other fruit juice where they have flimsy bottles or made of boxes.


the red bean looking texture


ratio 1:1 (ostania + water)


I tried it once without refrigerating it and another time after refrigerating it.

Taste exactly the sweet, the soury and the lovely taste mangosteen!!! I’m in love with this mangosteen extract! One of my favourite fruit is mangosteen. When I pour the extract, I can see it is quite thick. The 1st time , I drank it without putting it in the fridge. You can drink it either way, as long as you don’t open the seal. After opening the seal, you will need to keep it refrigerated. I tasted it again today, this time from the refrigerator. It tasted refreshing, also tasted somewhat like purple Vitagen but this you know that there are no artificial taste in it.


Gives you energy, improves your bowel system, high in antioxidants to protect your cells from damage, helps digestive system with Vitamin C and boost your immune. Ostania also can reduce fungal, bacteria and yeast infections with natural antibacterial and antifungal activity. As you also know apples also keep the doctor away, and acai berries are good for your skin and complexion.

Where is it sold?

Sold in Furleybio. website and also some local pharmacies. If you purchase from the website link above, you will automatically get a Rm10 off your purchase that means Rm39.90 for 1 bottle, with free postage within Malaysia.

I’m excited to purchase and try more of Furleybio products.

*for more infomation about mangosteen and it’s health benefits , you can make a search in google for an unbiased information.

Rate: 8/10

Part 3-A Relaxing time @Herbaline


I’m so ready for my pampering!! I did not regret coming here!

Herbaline has been around in Seremban 2; for 3 years, before Mamakim came. After I had my brunch, settled my tummy, I walked upstairs for my facial treatment. This is what we both did:-

  1. We register as member 

applying-for-membership given a cup of refreshing warm tea while we fill up the card on our particulars, so that our beautician can assist us properly. Benefits of being a member, you will be able to have special discounts when it comes to 2 weeks before your birthday week and 2 weeks after birthday week. Real price minus your age.

2. Listen to the Beautician’s explanation

After filling up the card, the beautician sits down and explained to us about our skin and which is the best method and treatment for our skin.She mentioned that my skin is dry.

But Albert & I decided to try the 90 min facial spa 1st, as it cost only Rm39.90 for 1st trial & new customers, the price for this facial spa actually cost Rm90.10 per person. This offer is currently applicable to the Seremban 2 outlet and also other newer outlet.


in conjunction of the Mamakim opening last month.

3. Leave our belongings in here.


After deciding what will our treatment be, we were asked to place our belongings into a shelf. Herbaline really cares a lot for their clients belongings and also I felt that this concept is neat and tidy.

4. Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa, Bath & Soak ( 5 min )- complimentary

1st we get our feet soaked into warm water, then put some sea salt into the water, after awhile, scrub it with a brush. I love the ambiance here. I really felt pampered.

5. Smell Natural Aromatherapy- complimentary


Was asked to smell 3 times, using nose to breath in and using mouth to breathe out; feels so relaxing. It was lavender scent.

6. Facial- jeng… jeng… jeng….

Couple room was given, very spacious as the two beds are very far apart, good for our two beautician to move around. Don’t worry we still can talk to one another although it is far apart, since it is in the same room. They even provide a comb for you to take home and a shower cap for you to use during facial.

This facial helps me learn a bit more about my skin, my beautician told me that, human face has different season, sometimes dry and sometimes maybe oily. So since I know my skin is dry now, I will need to take further action. Her advice for me is to use 3 mask a week so that my face will be cured from dryness.

During facial, she (1) cleanse my face with Herbaline cleanser, then (2) steamed my face,  (3) extract my black heads from my face, but it wasn’t painful for me. She did not really complain about my face, didn’t complain that means good news for me. ^^ After extraction,(4) she use cleanser to cleanse my face again before putting on the mask for me. She also did shoulder massage for me, love it!! After Mask, she used a warm towel to place it on my face, whoa, I love the feeling. I’m so pampered. The bf felt so relaxed that he slept during the session.

7.Lemongrass tea- complimentary

They gave us a complimentary warm lemongrass tea.

8. Fish Foot Reflexology-complimentary

We did this after our facial, it was a good experience as I have never did this before. Initially me and Albert was very afraid that the fishes may eat us up !! But they are rather friendly and hype up once we put our feet into the pond.


ambiance, quiet and natural.


his & mine feet

So ticklish for my feet, it was my 1st time experience. This is also complimentary service that Herbaline provides for their clients.







Overall experience: 9/10

Price Range: RM62.50- RM157.90 (no need to sign for any packages, one off)

Other Services: Face Threading & Body Massage


Facebook: Herbaline Skin Essential


Lot D13, Ground Floor, Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan.

Telephone: To book your appointment 06-6015030

Do read also Part 1 & Part 2 thank you.



Part 2 , Mama Kim Sauna Mee @Seremban 2


Albert and I reached here at 11am, after our trip to the Museum . I felt like I was treated like a VIP, as there is a parking area for customers. Good news!! We do not need to find any parking place to eat there.


photo credit to my lovely boyfriend, Albert Khor. Most of my pictures are by him in this trip.

As we enter the building at 11am; I could smell lemon grass scent at Mama Kim Sauna Mee, Seremban 2 outlet. I feel very relaxed when I enter the building.  Mama Kim is part of an in-house health idea; in their different outlets they have 3 in 1, Sojurn Guest House, HerbaLine Facial Spa and MamaKim. For Seremban outlet they only have 2 in 1; Face Spa & Sauna Mee.


Prices Ranges between RM7.90- RM15.90 per person for food & RM4.90- RM16.90 per person for drinks. The food arrived as soon as we ordered. We are so thankful for the quick service.


  1. Mama Kim Sauna Mee Fish ( another one is Vegetarian)- RM15.90sizzling-hotYesh!! we came here for this! the famous dish!! I came here to try this, finally I get the chance to try it, after many people review about it. Yes I agree it is lovely, I love the soup, Albert told me that he love it as well. Their concept is 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish. Very tasty unlike other healthy food that I eat ( I can taste my favourite mushroom and fish inside. If you are a vegetarian, you should come here, the prices are reasonable.

It seems like there are 2 different kind of mee inside. One has a lighter colour than the other, I know the sauna mee are mushroom rice noodles.  Other than that, you can add on some more soup, if the pot is too dry. In this 2 picture you can see, carrots, a corn, and many other kinds of vegetables. Everything in it is so juicy and tender!! (I’m hungry again now!).

Will you have sauna mee again, next time? Yes!!  for me I shall give this mee 9/10 marks!! I so so love it. – I will recommend this to my friends certainly!!~

2. Natural Fruit and Flower Tea-Rm11.90

This tea is lovely, it taste like orange juice for me, but it is made of all natural fruits. It is an fruit infusion. If it is too sweet for you, you can use it like a cordial, for my bf he loves his tea sweet, so he goes without the warm plain water.

Do I want to drink this again? Yes, it is good for me, specially I can’t take any caffeinated drink at all. But for my taste I will add some water so that it wouldn’t be too sweet.

3. Pumpkin Fried Rice ( RM10.90)

 I tasted this as well, this is good for those who wants something different than Sauna Mee. From the picture it is also like 80% vegetable right?

4. Signature Mamakim Coffee (RM5.90)


Pour the amount of milk in after you pour in the coffee (this certainly test my balancing when pouring the milk in). Albert told me that it tasted like Vietnamese coffee, but he loves it too.  It is a bit bitter for me, but I’m glad he love it.

5. New breakfast menu- started Sept 2016 ( less than RM10)


new breakfast menu


I love it here because of the atmosphere.This setting is perfect for those staying nearby, it is situated in a housing area. I see many houses in front of this outlet. If you are staying in Seremban 2, make sure you drop by to eat and relax.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is what we saw, when we enter the building , think about the refreshing smell of lemon grass as well, can you imagine it? It is very spacious, you certainly can hold gatherings here with friends or family.


family can be seated at a round table, under a beautiful lamp.


the bf relaxing


There are many other tables here. (sorry that I needed to use a white colour to clear off a portion of the picture..because I want to reserve some rights for the customers.)

I could see many customers sitting down with their family members, having small chats with one another in this cozy and clean environment. The toilets are also very clean.

Overall experience rating : 8/10.

Price: affordable


If you haven’t read Part 1 do click on this link.

If you haven’t read my Past post about Mama Kim click on this link.


MamaKim fb: Mama Kim Sauna Mee


Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Lot D13, Ground & Mezzanine Floor

Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1,

Seremban 2,

70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan

mama kim2

P/s: informing all Seremban folks or those who are going there for a trip. I believe you will love this place, great especially after going to Port Dickson, the hot weather in the sun.