My love for running is 2 years old.

My runs started when I was called by a very close friend of mine for a little walk at Tmn Chatin, Mentakab. She asked me if I wanted to go out to jog with her. Then I later took up a courage to sign up for a pray for OA run 2 years ago ( RunNat GRACE ). A place where I get out of my comfort zone to serve the Lord, together with people that I just knew then. I was disappointed that I failed to complete my 5km fun run. I end up praying inside the van while the van fetch me to the next station. But I still have a good hands on experience of how to pray for others and serve in a place in need of the gospel.

1. Gingerbread Run

A year after that, I signed up for a virtual run, in which at the same time the money I pay goes to the charity. I’m not yet an avid but I believe the BURNING desire to RUN was instilled in me after the virtual run by running kaki.

IMG_1125 edity

This was the very 1st virtual run, that I joined.

We were suppose to print screen the distance we ran up to 25km. It was quite difficult for me to complete as I almost gave up running. December was a rainy month as well as a busy month filled with activities with friends and church; some of the days I did 2kms, 3kms and sometimes 5 kms. I fret, learnt from experiences, sweat more than usual, had muscle ache due to no exercise throughout the years of growing up and also difficulty searching for a buddy (my dad’s concern about me being alone in the park).

I used an app named STRAVA (Yin recommended to me), as she is an avid runner. I salute her stamina and determination to sign up for many runs in a year. That link above is of her recent run.


this was what I received after completing my 25 km virtual run. Ain’t the medal cute?

2. AXA Hearts in Action run 2017

IMG_8780 edit


I completed my 1st ever paid run this year, a few weeks back (24th Sept 2017). It was a    6 km run together with the fiance. The fees was Rm55 per adult for 6 km and Rm65 for 12 km. I’m so glad we ran for a cause. I love the t-shirt very much. The experience is something that I will never want to trade for anything.

What we learnt from this run:-

1. We learn to be punctual.

We were suppose to be there around 6am, when the warm up session starts then. Nobody will wait for us, when we are late.


as you can see, it is still dark when we arrived.


2. We learn to patiently wait in the jam.

Yes there are many cars as we are arriving the venue. We learn to wait for our turn to park our car.

3. We learn to take our time.

We learn to take it easy and run at our own pace. In this run, I also learnt that my jogging buddy (my fiance) is patient in caring for me and watching me. He also reduced his speed just for me. I know it is difficult for him, as it wasn’t his stamina he is running/ walking at.


6 km may be very little for many people but for me it was a good start!`

4. We learn to continue the run without looking behind.

We noticed many other walking and running at different speed in front of us. It kept the both of us focused to finish the run. I believe this is a good experience for me to encourage me to walk another km without realizing the distance.

5. We learn to stop and rest at a normal pace when we are tired. 

This is our 1st run together, and our 1st 6 km event in our life. So we walked more than we run in this event. “Slow and steady, win the race”



Add on to that some tips before I close, remember to drink lots of water before and after the run. The weather can be very hot and also you need to replenish a lot of water because a lot of water comes out of your body during exercising.

Bring along a cap, in case it gets sunny in the late morning. Eat a lot of carbohydrate to boost back your energy after the run.

Take lots of pictures to keep them for remembrance.

Feel free to share with me your running experience as well. Thanks for dropping by, till next post!~ I will be writing about my China Trip beginning of this year. So very sorry for the delay.




Ikan Patin…Nom…Nom…Nom…

I made reservations with Patin Place Puchong to celebrate the bf birthday (now fiance) on the 27th Feb 2017. We arrived in the evening around 6pm. I’m thankful that they have placed some balloons for us.  We were warmly welcomed by the owner, Ardeen. While awaiting for the ikan patin and sayur rangup to cook, we had some time to play the IQ puzzle my then bf; had purchased from Japan.


IQ puzzle, he completed 1 puzzle, and a few more others.

These are the food pictures:-

IMG_2240Dried Steamed Ancient Brick, Ikan Patin.

It is mixed with soya source. Being a fan of ikan patin and no place to go in Klang valley, my bf was contented that I bring him for the ikan patin meal. Ancient brick is their specialty. They used the ancient brick to steam the patin fish hence the different taste comparing to normal cooked steamed fish in a normal restaurant. If you do not like fishy smell taste on your fish, this place is highly recommended.

Taste: 8/10

Price: starts from RM68+

IMG_2239Sayur Rangup- Rangup.

This dish is fried kangkung ( water spinach) something like finger food, it came before the ikan patin arrived. It tasted like fried mushrooms. It is crunchy, but don’t leave it too long, it may turn soggy.

Taste: 7/10

Price: RM15.90

IMG_2244For dessert I opted for coconut ice cream. As you can see in the picture, they put in coconut biscuits and it is served in a coconut shell.

Price: Rm8.90


A picture with the birthday boy & the owner of Patin Place Puchong.

It will be good if you can arrive the restaurant earlier, because around 8pm customers starts coming in. If you do not like crowds. This is purely halal restaurant.

Something different about this restaurant; they homemade a few other products such as; health products,  e.g Habbatus Sauda (Black seed oil), Bentong Ginger,& Extra Virgin Oil and recently sells some cosmetic product e.g . To find out more click on their Facebook page .


2017 the year of Fire Rooster!


picture by myheartots

Postcare is known as being the 1st postcard station in Malaysia. I have always loved postcards, this concept is especially appealing to me as last year I went back into doing postcrossing. For the love of illustrations and caricatures, I was told by a friend of mine about this postcard station. I didn’t get to make time to go there until December last year. My sister and I went there a week before Christmas to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


my sister and the many postcards that we do not know which to pick, all so cute!!!

We so love the place as it is a small cozy place. We don’t have to worry if we did not bring our stationeries along, as Postcare provides pens, stamps and markers. We also don’t have to worry about not having any postcards to write on, as the postcards stocks are uncountable.


The post box!! A must “prop” to take a picture together. Will & Kay on the left. My Sis & I on the right.

There, we were entertained by Will and Kay. They are both very friendly and approachable people. Will is the founder of Postcare ; Will and Kay both creates beautiful postcards as well. I love that Postcare house a variety of postcards with different theme and style. Besides Will and Kay, there are many other local artist that create their postcards for Postcare.

Other then illustrations and caricatures, I also love postcards that shows the life of Malaysia. I guess this is where all my favourite postcards will be in. Due to distance and time, I only managed to visit Postcare once, but I managed to purchased twice from them through the internet.

See how they decorated their envelopes to be posted to me? One of them is the most recent mail. It came with the postcards I purchased for the Chinese New Year. Can you noticed the rooster stamp on the envelopes.

Some  of my favourites:-

  1. Childhood snacks – these are so nostalgic! 

Popo one of my favourite snack drawn on the postcard.


Pop Corn, Ding Dang and Tora

I know these 3 postcards would have reminded a Malaysian 90’s kid about childhood very much. Thank you so much Will for creating these postcards. (shed tears)


2. Chinese New Year

These are my personal favourites for the Chinese New Year. I love the most is the heart shaped postcard as the front is actually a Chicken. The angpows are lovely as well, it is an egg shaped when you open it up.The blue angpow has a local twist to it with the word ayam on it.

3. Hugs


picture by Postcare

These postcards speaks for themselves. When you send them to your friends or family.

If you are interested in customization you can also contact them through:

email: or Facebook:  Postcare .

Rating: 10/10

I emailed Will Sii a few questions and these are his replies;

1) When was PostCare started?
We started design postcards since 2011 by i’ll studio. Today, you will still find designs that we have created during those good years. PostCare’s mission started since 2015, where the thought of PostCare here is to bring positive vibes for everyone.
2) How did PostCare station concept came about?
PostCare – We Post We Care
In direct, it’s as simple as share (post) the loves (care) around the world. We decided heart/love shaped could be the best and most appropriate for our mission.
3) What do you like to draw best?
Honestly, every pieces we created, we love. Art has no limit, and our loves have no limit in loving every and each pieces.
4) Any favorite postcards you have so far?
This is always not a simple question to be answered. But if really to choose any, I personally love the creations which represent Malaysia.
5) Any Chinese New Year Wishes you would love to give to my readers?
Yes, we always think that one greeting/wish us never enough for anyone. So to make every single blessing into a huge blessing, we hate to wish everyone a #RoosteriousYear ahead with all-is-well!
6) Any additional information do you want readers to know about Postcare?
PostCare Station, definitely is a place where we sincerely provide you the best and original postcards which you could post it to your beloved ones.
PS: PostCare Station, is where you can choose your postcards, write your messages, stick your stamps and post your loves all around the world.
7) Where are you from? you mentioned last time that you are from Brunei right? (correct me if I’m wrong)  What makes you choose Malaysia?
I’m Malaysian originally. I was grown up and educated in Brunei.
8) Why Malaysia today?
It’s not a plan, it happened, and we are looking forward and curious to what’s next.
thank you for replying my email Will. As for my readers, sorry for not updating sooner, I will try my best to write more often after these busy days have passed, I hope that you all had a fulfilling fire rooster year ahead. Happy Chinese New Year 2017!!!


Christmas gift for my Boyfriend.

Yesh! I purchased this for my bf and


when it arrived


nicely wrapped in a box


then another layer of plastic bag


lovely picture of bf & I

I hope he likes it. Knowing this guy is one of the best Christmas gift that my God has ever given to me. I’m thankful to be able to spend time & learn about him more and more each day. I remembered the time when we 1st started, from the time we started looking at 1st day covers, opened the door for me, sat on the spinning chair, 1st confessed to each other about our care for each other, 1st held hands & prayed over the phone. There are many other 1st times we had together in the whole year. This is the final month of the year. Memories of the 1st times just floods through my mind. The times when I cry and he will comfort me, hug me and dry my tears. I’m a content person.

Quality of the Morty Luggage Tag, I so love the quality of the luggage tag. I know it will be lasting and durable as it is printed on a 3mm thick, hard board material.

Price of Morty Luggage Tag, Rm55 for 1 person + Additional is another RM20, and if you customize your favourite background like I did, Eric will charge depending on the difficulty. I purchased mine at RM125. If you want to give a gift to your love one, you should consider giving this special item. Or you can also view other products in Eric’s website 

You can get it as a gift for a friend, a farewell gift, and also a birthday gift. It works for people that loves customized items. Hope you had a great time during Christmas!

our story is in another post here

Love Series- Light Senstation


I just wanted to show you a picture of me at the event.

We went on 11th Sept, Saturday, my bf planned this trip when he purchased the tickets over the 7-eleven counter. Sept 12th marks our 1 year and 4 months together, we decided to make time for the Light Sensation Event in MAEPS, Seri Kembangan, Malaysia that was awarded a Guinness Record of the most attended event in the world.

We didn’t really have fun in the event. Maybe we both had high expectations for the event. Blame it on how late we were, I reckoned that we should have gone there earlier. When we arrived at 8pm it was already dark and nothing much to see due to the human traffic. The human traffic at the bus stop was crazy and scary as well. There were enough buses for the huge crowd. So many impatient people pushed their way into the bus. The dilemma cause some of them to hit the bus. I dint like it there because there were jam everywhere. Traffic jam and people jam. Due to the unexpected crowd; Light Sensation do not have enough workers or buses to serve the crowd. Everything became heir wired and the process to reach the place was really slow.

Managed to see one of my favorite printing company on display! Printcious collaborating with Liselle Tea.




T-Shirt & Mugs

Ratings for Light Sensation: 2/10 terrible experience

Ratings for Printcious: thumbs up, so nice!~

Although I have rated it as bad experience for my 1 and a half year dating anniversary outing, I felt content that I made it for the Light Sensation Event where everyone was talking about. We actually paid RM30 for picture that didn’t turn out the look I wanted. So, I opted for another alternative picture as a memory with the bf at the same time as a Christmas gift for him.

I ordered a luggage tag from Eric-Chua, I made my order on 13th Sept and received it on 19th Oct. Eric took about less than a month to complete it. I will write about this product on my next post. I love the luggage tag very much.

To read more about the luggage tag read here.

Part 3-A Relaxing time @Herbaline


I’m so ready for my pampering!! I did not regret coming here!

Herbaline has been around in Seremban 2; for 3 years, before Mamakim came. After I had my brunch, settled my tummy, I walked upstairs for my facial treatment. This is what we both did:-

  1. We register as member 

applying-for-membership given a cup of refreshing warm tea while we fill up the card on our particulars, so that our beautician can assist us properly. Benefits of being a member, you will be able to have special discounts when it comes to 2 weeks before your birthday week and 2 weeks after birthday week. Real price minus your age.

2. Listen to the Beautician’s explanation

After filling up the card, the beautician sits down and explained to us about our skin and which is the best method and treatment for our skin.She mentioned that my skin is dry.

But Albert & I decided to try the 90 min facial spa 1st, as it cost only Rm39.90 for 1st trial & new customers, the price for this facial spa actually cost Rm90.10 per person. This offer is currently applicable to the Seremban 2 outlet and also other newer outlet.


in conjunction of the Mamakim opening last month.

3. Leave our belongings in here.


After deciding what will our treatment be, we were asked to place our belongings into a shelf. Herbaline really cares a lot for their clients belongings and also I felt that this concept is neat and tidy.

4. Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa, Bath & Soak ( 5 min )- complimentary

1st we get our feet soaked into warm water, then put some sea salt into the water, after awhile, scrub it with a brush. I love the ambiance here. I really felt pampered.

5. Smell Natural Aromatherapy- complimentary


Was asked to smell 3 times, using nose to breath in and using mouth to breathe out; feels so relaxing. It was lavender scent.

6. Facial- jeng… jeng… jeng….

Couple room was given, very spacious as the two beds are very far apart, good for our two beautician to move around. Don’t worry we still can talk to one another although it is far apart, since it is in the same room. They even provide a comb for you to take home and a shower cap for you to use during facial.

This facial helps me learn a bit more about my skin, my beautician told me that, human face has different season, sometimes dry and sometimes maybe oily. So since I know my skin is dry now, I will need to take further action. Her advice for me is to use 3 mask a week so that my face will be cured from dryness.

During facial, she (1) cleanse my face with Herbaline cleanser, then (2) steamed my face,  (3) extract my black heads from my face, but it wasn’t painful for me. She did not really complain about my face, didn’t complain that means good news for me. ^^ After extraction,(4) she use cleanser to cleanse my face again before putting on the mask for me. She also did shoulder massage for me, love it!! After Mask, she used a warm towel to place it on my face, whoa, I love the feeling. I’m so pampered. The bf felt so relaxed that he slept during the session.

7.Lemongrass tea- complimentary

They gave us a complimentary warm lemongrass tea.

8. Fish Foot Reflexology-complimentary

We did this after our facial, it was a good experience as I have never did this before. Initially me and Albert was very afraid that the fishes may eat us up !! But they are rather friendly and hype up once we put our feet into the pond.


ambiance, quiet and natural.


his & mine feet

So ticklish for my feet, it was my 1st time experience. This is also complimentary service that Herbaline provides for their clients.







Overall experience: 9/10

Price Range: RM62.50- RM157.90 (no need to sign for any packages, one off)

Other Services: Face Threading & Body Massage


Facebook: Herbaline Skin Essential


Lot D13, Ground Floor, Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan.

Telephone: To book your appointment 06-6015030

Do read also Part 1 & Part 2 thank you.



Part 1- Seremban-State Museum of Crafts & Cultural Park


So happy to be here =)

We started our journey early in the morning from KL at around 9am and reached there at 10am. We were in Seremban for a half day trip, as we wanted to explore part of Negeri Sembilan. There are 4 museums in Negeri Sembilan, but because it was an impromptu trip to Seremban, we only managed to go to one of the Museums. I did not regret going there as I very interested in looking at the Minangkabau roof top to understand that is a Minangkabau check this link. I love culture so I’m glad that Albert ( my bf) decided to bring me there. We went there also for some postcards as we are postcrossing members.


Greeted by a Steam Engine- Negeri Sembilan use to be a tin mining area.


We needed to climb up the stairs.


A date with my bf, we learnt about Sarjan Hassan.

I met my cat’s brother there =)


State Museum Crafts & Culture Park


Miniature of Istana Ampang Tinggi (royal residence)

The place is quiet, good for couples date, if you and your partner are a fan of museums and culture. We were in a rush of time, as we are heading for lunch @ Mama Kim, Seremban 2 and I have already make appointment to do face spa at 12:30noon. If we are not in a rush I would have want to explore more museums.

There are 3 more museums, I would want to go there for my next trip to Negeri Sembilan, I’m sure my friends there will bring me around. If you know of any place in Negeri Sembilan that I’m suppose to go, do let me know, I’m interested in finding out more about this state.

We allocated only 1 hour for this museum. Maybe you can stay longer to learn more about that place. There is also a small shop for your to purchase some souvenir home.



Part 3

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