2017 the year of Fire Rooster!


picture by myheartots

Postcare is known as being the 1st postcard station in Malaysia. I have always loved postcards, this concept is especially appealing to me as last year I went back into doing postcrossing. For the love of illustrations and caricatures, I was told by a friend of mine about this postcard station. I didn’t get to make time to go there until December last year. My sister and I went there a week before Christmas to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


my sister and the many postcards that we do not know which to pick, all so cute!!!

We so love the place as it is a small cozy place. We don’t have to worry if we did not bring our stationeries along, as Postcare provides pens, stamps and markers. We also don’t have to worry about not having any postcards to write on, as the postcards stocks are uncountable.


The post box!! A must “prop” to take a picture together. Will & Kay on the left. My Sis & I on the right.

There, we were entertained by Will and Kay. They are both very friendly and approachable people. Will is the founder of Postcare ; Will and Kay both creates beautiful postcards as well. I love that Postcare house a variety of postcards with different theme and style. Besides Will and Kay, there are many other local artist that create their postcards for Postcare.

Other then illustrations and caricatures, I also love postcards that shows the life of Malaysia. I guess this is where all my favourite postcards will be in. Due to distance and time, I only managed to visit Postcare once, but I managed to purchased twice from them through the internet.

See how they decorated their envelopes to be posted to me? One of them is the most recent mail. It came with the postcards I purchased for the Chinese New Year. Can you noticed the rooster stamp on the envelopes.

Some  of my favourites:-

  1. Childhood snacks – these are so nostalgic! 

Popo one of my favourite snack drawn on the postcard.


Pop Corn, Ding Dang and Tora

I know these 3 postcards would have reminded a Malaysian 90’s kid about childhood very much. Thank you so much Will for creating these postcards. (shed tears)


2. Chinese New Year

These are my personal favourites for the Chinese New Year. I love the most is the heart shaped postcard as the front is actually a Chicken. The angpows are lovely as well, it is an egg shaped when you open it up.The blue angpow has a local twist to it with the word ayam on it.

3. Hugs


picture by Postcare

These postcards speaks for themselves. When you send them to your friends or family.

If you are interested in customization you can also contact them through:

email: wepostwecare@gmail.com or Facebook:  Postcare .

Rating: 10/10

I emailed Will Sii a few questions and these are his replies;

1) When was PostCare started?
We started design postcards since 2011 by i’ll studio. Today, you will still find designs that we have created during those good years. PostCare’s mission started since 2015, where the thought of PostCare here is to bring positive vibes for everyone.
2) How did PostCare station concept came about?
PostCare – We Post We Care
In direct, it’s as simple as share (post) the loves (care) around the world. We decided heart/love shaped could be the best and most appropriate for our mission.
3) What do you like to draw best?
Honestly, every pieces we created, we love. Art has no limit, and our loves have no limit in loving every and each pieces.
4) Any favorite postcards you have so far?
This is always not a simple question to be answered. But if really to choose any, I personally love the creations which represent Malaysia.
5) Any Chinese New Year Wishes you would love to give to my readers?
Yes, we always think that one greeting/wish us never enough for anyone. So to make every single blessing into a huge blessing, we hate to wish everyone a #RoosteriousYear ahead with all-is-well!
6) Any additional information do you want readers to know about Postcare?
PostCare Station, definitely is a place where we sincerely provide you the best and original postcards which you could post it to your beloved ones.
PS: PostCare Station, is where you can choose your postcards, write your messages, stick your stamps and post your loves all around the world.
7) Where are you from? you mentioned last time that you are from Brunei right? (correct me if I’m wrong)  What makes you choose Malaysia?
I’m Malaysian originally. I was grown up and educated in Brunei.
8) Why Malaysia today?
It’s not a plan, it happened, and we are looking forward and curious to what’s next.
thank you for replying my email Will. As for my readers, sorry for not updating sooner, I will try my best to write more often after these busy days have passed, I hope that you all had a fulfilling fire rooster year ahead. Happy Chinese New Year 2017!!!



Part 1- Seremban-State Museum of Crafts & Cultural Park


So happy to be here =)

We started our journey early in the morning from KL at around 9am and reached there at 10am. We were in Seremban for a half day trip, as we wanted to explore part of Negeri Sembilan. There are 4 museums in Negeri Sembilan, but because it was an impromptu trip to Seremban, we only managed to go to one of the Museums. I did not regret going there as I very interested in looking at the Minangkabau roof top to understand that is a Minangkabau check this link. I love culture so I’m glad that Albert ( my bf) decided to bring me there. We went there also for some postcards as we are postcrossing members.


Greeted by a Steam Engine- Negeri Sembilan use to be a tin mining area.


We needed to climb up the stairs.


A date with my bf, we learnt about Sarjan Hassan.

I met my cat’s brother there =)


State Museum Crafts & Culture Park


Miniature of Istana Ampang Tinggi (royal residence)

The place is quiet, good for couples date, if you and your partner are a fan of museums and culture. We were in a rush of time, as we are heading for lunch @ Mama Kim, Seremban 2 and I have already make appointment to do face spa at 12:30noon. If we are not in a rush I would have want to explore more museums.

There are 3 more museums, I would want to go there for my next trip to Negeri Sembilan, I’m sure my friends there will bring me around. If you know of any place in Negeri Sembilan that I’m suppose to go, do let me know, I’m interested in finding out more about this state.

We allocated only 1 hour for this museum. Maybe you can stay longer to learn more about that place. There is also a small shop for your to purchase some souvenir home.



Part 3

food bloggers something for you to check, click on this link .

Life Buuk- another kind of photo book!

Life Buuk another 4R print avenue! I grew up in a photo business family, I know this is a very good product, so I decided that I should blog about it. No, I’m not selling it, but I can teach you how to use the app if you are interested. I have purchased 1 book for myself. It cost me just RM28 per book with 50 pieces in 1 album. I did crop some of my pictures after uploading them from my Facebook and also Instagram.

To print it from your computer or laptop, they have an alternative way, you can actually email them hello@lifebulk.com  or if you have a bulk order for any other events. =)

After uploading is completed, wait for a few days then they will email you a tracking number. For more information about the product, download the app and there you can learn step by step how to use the app. It is highly user friendly.


8 reasons why I love Life Buuk:

  1. Select my favourite pictures directly from Facebook, Instagram & phone!
  2. Do not need to copy out from my phone but directly upload to the app. (especially for those using iphone), you know how difficult is it!
  3. Always on the go!
  4. Save time & travelling time.
  5. Can crop the picture using edit tool on the LifeBuuk App
  6.  Prints are Compact; so it is easy to carry
  7. Prints can be teared into 4R size.
  8. Pictures are in luster print.



After 3 days they emailed me:

4 days



I got my Life buuk today!!! It was wrapped very nicely.


I’m going to mail this picture to a friend

tear our 2

1) I shall fold it.

tear out 1

2) Tear it from the Life Buuk.

tear out

3) Tada!! Now I have it in a 4R size =), ready to be placed into an envelope for a friend of mine.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


LifeBuuk Facebook page: Life Buuk

do drop me a comment when you get yours as well!!



Postalove from Australia

It has arrived!! Yes I’m very happy. Thank you so much Sue. I hope you will have received the Postalove we swapped with you, soon!




Yes I know the feeling Sue. I will be thrilled each time I see a postman coming towards my shop =)

Thanks for being a postcard buddy as well as wordpress buddy. Hugs from Malaysia.


Postcard fans out there..

Postcrossing, the reason I decided to embark on a journey of postcards is to know more people across the globe. Long time back, when I’m in secondary school, I use to received a lot of postcards from pen pal and also friends. Postcrossing was one of the website that cater to that, and I’m thankful that today I could  sign up for another account, because I have forgotten my password. I re-applied because my bf is one avid collector. So we are both sharing one account now. We have been using it for 2 months and not regretting it. =)


if you want to check our profile out


this is postcards that could be uploaded on the website if you have received it.

How it works:-

  1. Create an account for yourself
  2. Click on Send a postcard.
  3. Then write down the code on the postcard, read what the receiver likes in a postcard.
  4. Address will be send to your email and what receiver love.
  5. When you receive any postcard, you will need to register the number into the website. (sounds tedious but fun!). There you can also comment about the postcard or click favorite if you love the postcard.

Here is 2 of our favourites, there are many more favourites, but we are currently collecting postalove.

20160728_13474020160804_140047 besides just postcard receiving, we also received 1 handmade card from a postcrosser. Most of them put beautiful stamps on their postcards, if you want to cheer a person’s day, you can actually keep some nice stamps, to post it with a postcard the next time you send to anybody.  ~myheartots~