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Parfum Body Care Range , The ENCHANTEUR PARIS {Sponsored Review}


img_0131 As I opened this box, I could smell the fragrance from Enchanteur Paris.

Parfum Body Care Range comes in 3 different scents:-

Mon Amie:  a refreshing scent best suited for carefree days and outing with friends.

Belle Amour: Sakura scent with vitamin B3 & Liqourice. Good for a romantic date with your other half.

Adore :  Floral & Fruity scent. Can get this if you need antibacterial care (protection against germs) and defense against UV rays.


I’m going to review 3 different items of the same brand:-

1. The ENCHANTEUR PARIS Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Texture: not too sticky and blends with skin very nicely.

Price:  retails at RM8.70 per 50ml bottle.

Size: Small and easy to keep into my handbag, can use it on the go, when I go to the ladies.

It all smells refreshing and have a whitening effect to our skin.

2. The Enchanteur  Parfum Lotion

Texture: not so sticky and nice feeling.

Size: Although it is a little too large for my handbag, but it is good to be kept at home and to use it after shower or before a date.

Price Ranges:  Tube retails : RM7.50 to RM7.90 (85ml / 100ml)

Bottle retails : RM16.95 to RM18.00 (275ml / 300ml).

Mon Amie Double Moisture Parfum Serum with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil. Guarantees anyone a full day hydration.

 Mon Amie Light and Fresh good for those who just want a light scent and do not like heavy smell fragrance.

Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion provides instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents – Licorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3. I could smell the Sakura on my skin I even thought it was rose smell on me.

Adore Antibacterial Care Parfum Body Lotion protects skin from harmful bacteria while leaving skin a nice floral & Fruity scent.

3. Parfum Deo Mist

Texture: Like it’s name, you can feel it’s mist, it is not too watery for me.

Size: It is so compact that it can be place into my small hand bag and bring for travels.

Smell: This perfume is not too strong for me.

Price: RM10.10 for 100ml

Overall: I know that I will get this product as gifts for Christmas.

Places to get it : hyper-marts has it and also Watson and Guardian.

You can read my past review from the same company but different brand. It was on Female Hygiene wash.


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RM20: Get 1 customized phone case for your friend or you!

Follow this steps to get 1 at RM20. This special offer will last until 30th of Nov. HURRY! Get one for your friends, children or as a Birthday gift for others.

Steps to get one at RM20!

1. Check availability.  ( only for  Samsung  Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 , S3,

S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S5, S6 or Iphone 4, 5/5s, 5c, 6 plus, 6s & 6)

it was iphone 6plus for me.

2. Get Creative!! Pick your favourite picture/ cartoon character/ or make a collage!

example: Your anniversary, your pet, your favourite singer or actor, favourite place, etc.

I picked a picture of 2 of my favourite things, Shalom & roses from my bf :

Chose this picture.

3. Send the picture to  019-9858151 via WhatsApp. Then they will help you to set your picture into the template, to show how your phone cover will look like after print.

they will send a picture to you.

4. Add words or special dates that you want to remember of, but it is optional.

Some sample phone covers to show you.

This is how it looks like when it was posted to me, it is wrapped very properly. If you are interested kindly use the code below to make your orders. And if you are from Semenanjung Malaysia, you have free postage. As for Sabah and Sarawak you will need to add another RM6.


Sorry that I have been away for so long. I hope that there are still readers on my blog. The internet line has been terrible lately. Do bear with me, thanks for still dropping by!~Sorry this is only valid for Malaysian or those staying in Malaysia.


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Gadgets every time?

Do you have time with your children or are you always on your phone or devices? There are a few occasion that I see the whole family looking at their tablets or phone. I know of some people that do not do that, but this trend is unavoidable, where children may even do it in their friend’s home.

How do you keep them occupied? Are they glued to the TV when you are working on your household chores? or when they are in babysitter’s. I know I can’t talk much about this, as I’m not a mother or a teacher.

I’m not saying that TV is not good, if you are watching educational tv program with your kid like Barney the Dinasour ( my childhood favorites) or  High 5 ( for singing and dancing) is completely alright, as long as you interact with them.

Or there are also an alternative method,  to do activities with them. You can purchase them on, maybe sand art , diamond art and foam craft, or for older children felt craft, fabric craft, painting kit, can also work with them to make some DIY Christmas bag for family and friends, teaching them how to appreciate others with the spirit of giving. Doing activities like these not only helps you and your kid to build up rapport, or getting to know them better, but also helping them to learn many things while doing fun things together. Doing this together also will make them more creative as an individual. My sister, a kindergarten teacher, told me that children can learn best when they are playing. So you can check out the site, there are a variety of things in that website:-

Rock Painting
Suncatcher Keychain
Scratch Art 
Fabric Craft as well, this picture is a DIY Cupcake Pillow.

Now is having a offer for some of their items, maybe you can drop by to check it out, their items are all affordable.

Other than getting things online, you can always go on Youtube to search for craft ideas for kids. I seen my cousin, a mother of a 2 year old teaching her kid to work on art and crafts only through learning them from online and that is the cheapest way.



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Part 3-A Relaxing time @Herbaline

I’m so ready for my pampering!! I did not regret coming here!

Herbaline has been around in Seremban 2; for 3 years, before Mamakim came. After I had my brunch, settled my tummy, I walked upstairs for my facial treatment. This is what we both did:-

  1. We register as member 

applying-for-membership given a cup of refreshing warm tea while we fill up the card on our particulars, so that our beautician can assist us properly. Benefits of being a member, you will be able to have special discounts when it comes to 2 weeks before your birthday week and 2 weeks after birthday week. Real price minus your age.

2. Listen to the Beautician’s explanation

After filling up the card, the beautician sits down and explained to us about our skin and which is the best method and treatment for our skin.She mentioned that my skin is dry.

But Albert & I decided to try the 90 min facial spa 1st, as it cost only Rm39.90 for 1st trial & new customers, the price for this facial spa actually cost Rm90.10 per person. This offer is currently applicable to the Seremban 2 outlet and also other newer outlet.

in conjunction of the Mamakim opening last month.

3. Leave our belongings in here.


After deciding what will our treatment be, we were asked to place our belongings into a shelf. Herbaline really cares a lot for their clients belongings and also I felt that this concept is neat and tidy.

4. Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa, Bath & Soak ( 5 min )- complimentary

1st we get our feet soaked into warm water, then put some sea salt into the water, after awhile, scrub it with a brush. I love the ambiance here. I really felt pampered.

5. Smell Natural Aromatherapy- complimentary

Was asked to smell 3 times, using nose to breath in and using mouth to breathe out; feels so relaxing. It was lavender scent.

6. Facial- jeng… jeng… jeng….

Couple room was given, very spacious as the two beds are very far apart, good for our two beautician to move around. Don’t worry we still can talk to one another although it is far apart, since it is in the same room. They even provide a comb for you to take home and a shower cap for you to use during facial.

This facial helps me learn a bit more about my skin, my beautician told me that, human face has different season, sometimes dry and sometimes maybe oily. So since I know my skin is dry now, I will need to take further action. Her advice for me is to use 3 mask a week so that my face will be cured from dryness.

During facial, she (1) cleanse my face with Herbaline cleanser, then (2) steamed my face,  (3) extract my black heads from my face, but it wasn’t painful for me. She did not really complain about my face, didn’t complain that means good news for me. ^^ After extraction,(4) she use cleanser to cleanse my face again before putting on the mask for me. She also did shoulder massage for me, love it!! After Mask, she used a warm towel to place it on my face, whoa, I love the feeling. I’m so pampered. The bf felt so relaxed that he slept during the session.

7.Lemongrass tea- complimentary

They gave us a complimentary warm lemongrass tea.

8. Fish Foot Reflexology-complimentary

We did this after our facial, it was a good experience as I have never did this before. Initially me and Albert was very afraid that the fishes may eat us up !! But they are rather friendly and hype up once we put our feet into the pond.

ambiance, quiet and natural.
his & mine feet

So ticklish for my feet, it was my 1st time experience. This is also complimentary service that Herbaline provides for their clients.







Overall experience: 9/10

Price Range: RM62.50- RM157.90 (no need to sign for any packages, one off)

Other Services: Face Threading & Body Massage


Facebook: Herbaline Skin Essential


Lot D13, Ground Floor, Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan.

Telephone: To book your appointment 06-6015030

Do read also Part 1 & Part 2 thank you.



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Part 2 , Mama Kim Sauna Mee @Seremban 2


Albert and I reached here at 11am, after our trip to the Museum . I felt like I was treated like a VIP, as there is a parking area for customers. Good news!! We do not need to find any parking place to eat there.

photo credit to my lovely boyfriend, Albert Khor. Most of my pictures are by him in this trip.

As we enter the building at 11am; I could smell lemon grass scent at Mama Kim Sauna Mee, Seremban 2 outlet. I feel very relaxed when I enter the building.  Mama Kim is part of an in-house health idea; in their different outlets they have 3 in 1, Sojurn Guest House, HerbaLine Facial Spa and MamaKim. For Seremban outlet they only have 2 in 1; Face Spa & Sauna Mee.


Prices Ranges between RM7.90- RM15.90 per person for food & RM4.90- RM16.90 per person for drinks. The food arrived as soon as we ordered. We are so thankful for the quick service.


  1. Mama Kim Sauna Mee Fish ( another one is Vegetarian)- RM15.90sizzling-hotYesh!! we came here for this! the famous dish!! I came here to try this, finally I get the chance to try it, after many people review about it. Yes I agree it is lovely, I love the soup, Albert told me that he love it as well. Their concept is 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish. Very tasty unlike other healthy food that I eat ( I can taste my favourite mushroom and fish inside. If you are a vegetarian, you should come here, the prices are reasonable.

It seems like there are 2 different kind of mee inside. One has a lighter colour than the other, I know the sauna mee are mushroom rice noodles.  Other than that, you can add on some more soup, if the pot is too dry. In this 2 picture you can see, carrots, a corn, and many other kinds of vegetables. Everything in it is so juicy and tender!! (I’m hungry again now!).

Will you have sauna mee again, next time? Yes!!  for me I shall give this mee 9/10 marks!! I so so love it. – I will recommend this to my friends certainly!!~

2. Natural Fruit and Flower Tea-Rm11.90

This tea is lovely, it taste like orange juice for me, but it is made of all natural fruits. It is an fruit infusion. If it is too sweet for you, you can use it like a cordial, for my bf he loves his tea sweet, so he goes without the warm plain water.

Do I want to drink this again? Yes, it is good for me, specially I can’t take any caffeinated drink at all. But for my taste I will add some water so that it wouldn’t be too sweet.

3. Pumpkin Fried Rice ( RM10.90)

 I tasted this as well, this is good for those who wants something different than Sauna Mee. From the picture it is also like 80% vegetable right?

4. Signature Mamakim Coffee (RM5.90)


Pour the amount of milk in after you pour in the coffee (this certainly test my balancing when pouring the milk in). Albert told me that it tasted like Vietnamese coffee, but he loves it too.  It is a bit bitter for me, but I’m glad he love it.

5. New breakfast menu- started Sept 2016 ( less than RM10)

new breakfast menu


I love it here because of the atmosphere.This setting is perfect for those staying nearby, it is situated in a housing area. I see many houses in front of this outlet. If you are staying in Seremban 2, make sure you drop by to eat and relax.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is what we saw, when we enter the building , think about the refreshing smell of lemon grass as well, can you imagine it? It is very spacious, you certainly can hold gatherings here with friends or family.

family can be seated at a round table, under a beautiful lamp.
the bf relaxing
There are many other tables here. (sorry that I needed to use a white colour to clear off a portion of the picture..because I want to reserve some rights for the customers.)

I could see many customers sitting down with their family members, having small chats with one another in this cozy and clean environment. The toilets are also very clean.

Overall experience rating : 8/10.

Price: affordable


If you haven’t read Part 1 do click on this link.

If you haven’t read my Past post about Mama Kim click on this link.


MamaKim fb: Mama Kim Sauna Mee


Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Lot D13, Ground & Mezzanine Floor

Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1,

Seremban 2,

70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan

mama kim2

P/s: informing all Seremban folks or those who are going there for a trip. I believe you will love this place, great especially after going to Port Dickson, the hot weather in the sun.


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Part 1- Seremban-State Museum of Crafts & Cultural Park

So happy to be here =)

We started our journey early in the morning from KL at around 9am and reached there at 10am. We were in Seremban for a half day trip, as we wanted to explore part of Negeri Sembilan. There are 4 museums in Negeri Sembilan, but because it was an impromptu trip to Seremban, we only managed to go to one of the Museums. I did not regret going there as I very interested in looking at the Minangkabau roof top to understand that is a Minangkabau check this link. I love culture so I’m glad that Albert ( my bf) decided to bring me there. We went there also for some postcards as we are postcrossing members.

Greeted by a Steam Engine- Negeri Sembilan use to be a tin mining area.
We needed to climb up the stairs.
A date with my bf, we learnt about Sarjan Hassan.

I met my cat’s brother there =)

State Museum Crafts & Culture Park
Miniature of Istana Ampang Tinggi (royal residence)

The place is quiet, good for couples date, if you and your partner are a fan of museums and culture. We were in a rush of time, as we are heading for lunch @ Mama Kim, Seremban 2 and I have already make appointment to do face spa at 12:30noon. If we are not in a rush I would have want to explore more museums.

There are 3 more museums, I would want to go there for my next trip to Negeri Sembilan, I’m sure my friends there will bring me around. If you know of any place in Negeri Sembilan that I’m suppose to go, do let me know, I’m interested in finding out more about this state.

We allocated only 1 hour for this museum. Maybe you can stay longer to learn more about that place. There is also a small shop for your to purchase some souvenir home.



Part 3

food bloggers something for you to check, click on this link .

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Tadika Sinaran Ria – Registration open for 2017 intake.


Tadika Sinaran Ria

This Kindergarten has been in Mentakab since January 2016.It is for children ages 4 to 6 years old.  Tadika Sinaran Ria uses the National Preschool Curriculum and is registered  with the Ministry of Education. Puan Loo, the founder and also a principal of Tadika Sinaran Ria holds a Diploma in  Montessori Pedagogy.

One of the teachers, Miss Desiree, has a BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies , graduating from University of Gloucestershire, UK and also holding a Grade 8 in Piano Practical Exam.



Children can learn in small groups and this place has a good study environment.


English is the primary language in Tadika Sinaran Ria and the teachers emphasizes in teaching phonics for the English language. I know it is good especially for those who want to get their children to speak and read English with the correct pronunciation.

Registration is open for 2017!! Don’t miss the chance!

Besides English language, they also have Malay language and Mandarin, to prepare children for Primary school.

Lessons & Activities 

Tadika Sinaran Ria uses English to teach Science, Mathematics, Moral and Culture. Children will get to learn phonics, early reading, early writing, music and movements, art and craft, pre-reading, pre-writing in this kindergarten as well. Montessori materials are use for teaching especially children age 4 years old.


Monthly school fees is RM190 (applicable for ages 4-6).

Yes, registration is now open also for children as an adjustment period before until Nov 2016.


No.29, Jalan Saga Damai 2, Tmn Saga Damai, 28400 Mentakab, Pahang D.M

Contact:  Puan Loo 012-6055042


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WePrint- 1st WeChat printer in Malaysia

I know about WePrint during an event in The Curve, a few months back when I was hanging out with a good friend of mine. Before that we needed to add the property company as friends on our WeChat before being able to print. These prints certainly serves as an ideal door gift for any events or functions.

As you know, I love hunting for customizing things and ideas. I received my blogger’s items from WePrint company, to do a review on their product.

1st badge
My 1st badge that I have been using it on my pencil case after the event.

WePrint is a 1st WeChat instant printer in Malaysia and is very attractive to the public. WeChat-ing is an alternative to WhatsApp. Coming from a photo printing company background, I felt that softcopy from WeChat has a very small megapixel and may not turn out nice on 4R prints, after testing the WePrint printer it settles all my headache to getting quality pictures that are sent through WeChat at the same time printing it instantly.I know it is the latest trend to use for advertising any business such as; property, events, products, bridal, hotel, charity or who knows a running event?

branded photo template
Some sample pictures from various company events.

How does it work?

steps to print

This is the youtube link for you to watch how to do it in detail.


This printer is good because:-

  1. It draws attention; many people.


2. Good quality – can make customer happy.

The pictures above are the items from WePrint, take a look at the quality of the prints. For the picture, (half of 4R size)  it looks a lot like matt paper quality, I love having photo paper like this.

3. Instant print – just less than 1 minute. Customers will not feel the need to wait too long.

4. Customers can choose any picture they want, edit it and then send to WeChat.


Liberty Printing is a heat transfer printing machine and material supplier in Malaysia. WePrint machine is exclusively imported, managed and distributed by Liberty Printing since 2015. They are currently in need of distributors. Find out now below!

For business enquiries,contact:
Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.
Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)
Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)
Facebook page: WePrint 
keep updated for free photo printing & where the printers are.

"What can we print for you? Free instant high quality photos!"

If you are interested in WePrint - Printer, you can use the discount code below. 


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Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf, Feminine Wash

Sumber Ayu is part of the big umbrella of  Wipro Unza. I’m not sure anyone of you knows the man’s powder named Dashing, well my dad uses it and in my mind I still can recall memories of it. Wipro Unza carries brands named Dashing, Enchanteur (for women) , Safi ( for women), Eversoft (facecare), Carrie (baby skincare) and many other very famous brands.

Something good about this product is that they uses the Daun Sirih (Malay) or also known as Betel Leaf in English. Betel leaf is a herbal ingredient that is highly popular in Malaysia, Indonesia (people also chew the leaf for other health reasons last time) & Asia. According to this link, Betel leaf is good to overcome itch, coping with acne, overcoming burns & prevent body odor. So this product has a good herbal ingredient because it is commonly use traditionally. I decided to try this product because all the time I have been using normal body foam for the most intimate part of my body. It is very important for me to start taking care of it properly.


sumber ayu feminien wash 2016

These are the 6 different scents for you to choose from  :-

  1. Orchid
  2. Rose
  3. Floral
  4. Musk
  5. Gambir
  6. Fruity



My personal favourite is Gambir or Fruity, as it as a sweet smell and I prefer the soft smell. If I’m going to continue using normal soap, it may be too strong for my skin in my private part area. Because of that, I may have disposed it to more harm than help. Sumber Ayu has an ideal PH3.5 to keep feminine area in it’s normal PH.

This product is;

  1. Watery and not too thick texture, so it is very kind to our female intimate area.
  2. Just need to pour out a little bit to wash.
  3. Reasonable price Rm3.60 per bottle for 90ml and Rm5.80 per bottle for 200ml.

You can get in most of Malaysia’s hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies. For those who are muslims, do not be afraid to use this as this brand is certified by JAKIM as Halal.



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